Let’s try to make clear that it is a smartphone or also called smart phone (smartphone) is a commercial term for a mobile phone that offers more features than your mobile phone common. Almost all smart phones are phones that fully support an email client with full functionality of a personal organizer.

what is a smartphone

The most important feature (one of them) almost all smartphones is that they allow the installation of programs to increase processing and data connectivity. These applications can be developed by the manufacturer of the device, by the operator or by a third party.    The term “smart” refers to any interface, such as a miniature QWERTY keyboard, a touch screen (the most common, being called in this case ” Touch Mobile Phone “), or simply OS mobile you have, differentiating its use through a unique menu layout, keys, shortcuts, etc..


  Full email support seems to be an indispensable feature found in all existing models and announced in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.    Nearly all smartphones also allow users to install additional programs, usually including from third parties, but some vendors like . of tick their smart phones like even if they do not have that feature    Examples of smart phones are called: Series MOTO Q by Motorola, Nokia E series and N series, BlackBerry, Samsung Wave, iPhone and all those Android OS such as: Google Nexus One, Motorola Milestone and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. Smartphone from a mobile phone: – Email Support – GPS features – allow the installation of third party software – Use any interface for data entry, as eg QWERTY keyboard, touch screen – allowing you to access the Internet – Possess digital agenda, contact management – Allow read documents in various formats, including PDFs and Microsoft Office files – must have an operating system. – With a phone Smart can do everything at the same time, ie you can receive calls, check your calendar while watching some videos in Media Player, or when you sync your device with others, and all this without disrupting any of the tasks, not to go so far, is the same as it is on your computer, you open windows and all your work time and not like a conventional phone if you plan to check your schedule should stop listening to music to do so.    Such is the case of so-called teams Smartphone , also known as smart phones because they not only serve as a communication device, but also are a complete personal organizer.    If you are from users who require a portable tool that allows you to perform various tasks similar to those that can be performed on a PC, plus communicate, then surely you will need a Smartphone.   One of its most prominent features is the ability it gives us to install programs, through which the user does extend the capabilities and functionality of the equipment beyond how the manufacturer has delivered.    Likewise, the Smartphone is different from other phones due to a number of features that make it a smart phone.    Among the characteristics mentioned include excellent access and connectivity to the Internet, your support email clients, effectively managing our data and contacts, among others.    Moreover, the smartphone offers the ability to read files in various formats according to the pre-installed applications, including the most popular office suites such as For Microsoft Office.    Regarding its design, Smartphone usually have a significantly higher than a conventional mobile phone size, this is due to the need to incorporate special features such as QWERTY keyboards, touch screens larger . HD, including    today after the success of the smartphone and we also Smart TV or Smart TVs