What was technology like in the year of the first version of Renascer, in 1993?

Taking advantage of the fact that we are living in the era of remakes, Rede Globo launches another one of them today (22). Originally aired in 1993, the soap opera Reborn will get a redesigned version and is the broadcaster's new bet for the prime time slot on open television.

The original work, written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, featured actors such as Antônio Fagundes, Adriana Esteves and Tarcísio Filho. Meanwhile, the new one will have Humberto Carrão, Duda Santos, Antonio Calloni, Juliana Paes and the return of Marcos Palmeira and others.

And while for some the difference of three decades between the two soap operas serves as nostalgia, for others it serves as a completely unknown experience.

Ayrton SennaBrazilian Ayrton Senna was the winner of the Japanese GP in October 1993 (Image: Pascal Rondeau/Getty Images)

To refresh the memory of some and introduce a new world to others, the TecMundo remember what technology was like in 1993. What was the world like (long) before smartphones, OLED televisions, smartwatches and wireless headphones?

What was technology like in 1993?

The year 1993 still marked a period in which the world was largely analogue. People watched the soap opera Reborn in their tube televisions that reached a maximum of around 32 inches, for example.

Computers already existed, but the overwhelming majority of them were in corporate environments. According to the website DOS Daysa typical PC at the time had an Intel 486SX-25 or 486SX-33 processor, 64K L2 cache, 4 MB of RAM, HD of up to 120 MB and between 3 and 6 ISA slots (a bus that had 8 bits transfer at a time and clock speed of 8.33 MHz).

At the time, most PCs still did not have CD players, which was a technology only accessible to more expensive products. In fact, the machines came with floppy disk readers, the most common version of which held 1.44 MB of data.

ComputerIn the early 1990s, PCs were still largely corporate objects (Image: Claflin University/Getty Images)

But even though not everyone had a computer, that didn't mean other digital devices weren't available. In 1993 people used Discman, for example, to listen to their favorite music.

A typical citizen of 1993 who liked games was very likely in possession of a Super Nintendo, which had been released two years earlier. At that time, the popular console already had classics like Super Mario World, Street Fighter 2, Super Mario Kart It is Mega Man X.

Pagers, electronic diaries, brick cell phones and other devices were also in fashion 30 years ago. Check out more interesting facts about what technology was like in 1993 below:

  • NCSA Mosaic, known as one of the first WWW browsers, was launched by Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina. And, no, Eric Bina has nothing to do with caller ID (which is actually a Brazilian invention);
  • The MP3 file format was published, becoming the most important digital audio format a few years later;
  • Intel released the first Pentium processor in history, which was the company's fifth generation of x86 processors;
  • The game DOOM was released for DOS by id Software;
  • Apple launched the Newton, a personal digital assistant (PDA) that had a touch screen;
  • Jurassic Park arrived in theaters, which was considered a technological revolution because of the realistic special effects;
  • Adobe launched the PDF format, which to this day is one of the most popular digital documents.

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