WhatsApp tests file sharing function with people nearby

WhatsApp will soon win a new wireless file sharing function. The novelty was found in a new version of the application on the website WABetaInfo.

The resource is a Quick way to send files to people who are physically close to you. These users They don't need to be in your contact list to receive or send documents, photos, videos and other formats.

For now, the new file sharing format has only been found on screens in the Beta version of WhatsApp for Android. However, it is not yet functional even for these tests. Furthermore, there is no forecast for the function to be available in the stable app or for iOS users.

WhatsApp's new file sending system

According to screenshots obtained by WABetaInfo, the new exchange format requires that both people involved have the application open on the function screen. In English, it's called “Share files with people nearby” (“Share files with people nearby”in free translation into Portuguese).

The initial sharing setup screen.The initial sharing setup screen.Source: WABetaInfo

Then the screen should show that there is a compatible person nearby. The phone number does not appear for privacy reasons unless the individual is already in your contact list.

To start the operation, Both people need to rock the device up and down. Finally, just confirm the file sent or that you are willing to receive something and wait for the transfer. This action has end-to-end encryption, the same protection as messenger chats.

According to WABetaInfothe novelty will be useful for the fast sending of files between strangersespecially if one of the devices is Android and the other is an iPhone.

Likewise, situations like sending photos taken to others or confirming a bank transferfor example, can be resolved without the need to add someone else's number to your list.

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