Wi-Fi repeater without dual band and low speed; why they are more useful than you think

Have a WIFI repeater It is one of the options to improve the wireless network at home. However, it is key to use it correctly and, furthermore, that it is a good device. Now, do you really always need it to be that powerful? We are going to tell you why it may be useful to even have a repeater that is not dual band, nor does it have a good maximum speed. You will be able to make good use of it.

There is characteristics which may be necessary to consider a Wi-Fi repeater which is good. For example, it must be dual band, it must have Wi-Fi 6 and a maximum speed that is in line with current fiber optic rates. But you won't always need to take advantage of everything we mentioned and it may not even be possible.

Take advantage of a limited Wi-Fi repeater

Yes, you can take advantage of a Wi-Fi repeater, even if it is very limited. Today we have many home automation devices at home. They are very varied devices, with which we can automate tasks and control devices remotely. All of these devices need to connect to the Internet and do not always have a good receiver.

That's where Wi-Fi repeaters come into play. They can be useful for home automation devices, so you can connect them in any area of ​​the home. Now, these devices do not need to have high speed, nor do they need to be a dual-band repeater. In fact, they will work in the 2.4 GHz frequencywhich is the one with the greatest coverage.

If you have a Wi-Fi repeater that only works in the 2.4 GHz band, and that also does not have a good maximum speed, don't worry. It will be more than enough for home automation devices, such as a smart light bulb, a plug with Wi-Fi or sensors of this type. They do not require high speed, but simply be connected to the Internet.

Offers to home automation

Use old devices

All of this that we have explained leads us to recommend the use of old devices that you may have at home. For example, you could use a old router which you don't use. It can act as a repeater and you just have to put it in the area where you need to have Internet access to connect your home automation devices.

If you have a old repeater or even a mobile old, it also works for you. In fact, you can use your phone as a wireless repeater. It does not matter whether or not it is dual band, as well as the capacity it has. As you can see, to connect home automation devices you will not need much and you will be able to improve the wireless signal.

Yes, it is important that you locate your devices well. Whether the repeater is better or worse, it is essential that you keep it away from possible interference, that there are no objects that block the signal or that it could overheat. All this will make it work better and you can connect smart devices without problems to the network.

In short, you can use a poor quality Wi-Fi repeater for your home automation devices. You don't need to have a dual-band device, nor one that has maximum speed. Simply to receive a signal, any one will do. Sometimes it can even be useful to improve the Internet signal on television.

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