Will Zorro: Prime Video series get a second season?

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The series Zorro of Amazon Prime captured the public's imagination with its first season, bringing back the iconic masked hero in a new guise. Set in California, the plot follows the adventures of Diego de la Vegawho, after the death of his father, returns to claim his inheritance and is faced with a web of injustice and corruption.

Assuming the identity of the vigilante, he embarks on a mission to protect the innocent and fight against tyranny, marking the beginning of an exciting saga. With a warm reception from both critics and audiences, the series has left many wondering: Will there be a second season to continue the adventures of the fearless Zorro?

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Will Zorro have a second season?

Despite the great success and fan clamor for more, the confirmation of a second season of Zorro remains in the air. Until now, Neither the production team nor Amazon Prime Video have officially announced the renewal of the series.

The lack of an official release date for the second season can be attributed to several factors, including ongoing production, possible scheduling conflicts, and a deliberate choice to keep series details under wraps.

However, given the positive reception of the first season and the many still-unexplored narrative angles, there is a good chance that the production will return to continue the masked hero's quest for justice.

The masked hero

The production immerses viewers in a world full of action, adventure and drama, in which Diego de la Vega, played by Miguel Bernardeau (Elite), transforms into the legendary Zorro to fight the injustices that plague his homeland.

The first season, comprised of 10 gripping episodes, explores Diego's journey as he faces formidable adversaries, including the corrupt governor and a secret society, all while dealing with personal dilemmas and sacrifices in the name of the greater good. The narrative, rich in action and intrigue, is complemented by a cast that includes Renata Notni (The Last Dragon), Paco Tous (La Casa de Papel), Rodolfo Sancho (Isabel) and Luis Tosar (Cell 211).

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