It will not be today or tomorrow, but Windows control through the view will not be waiting. Although eye we are not only talking about the possibility of unlocking a computer or tablet identifying us as users. The eye tracking function that would be integrated in Windows 10 would allow users to perform different interactions, controlling different means of data entry. The keyboard would be one of them, although for now only the possibility of the keyboard in English is contemplated.

Windows 10

Like for example launching one or different programs, move through the documents or pass page, without touching anything. With eye contact would be enough. The novelty is important because in addition to making life easier, it would be very useful for users who have some type of difficulty or suffer from diseases that prevent them from interacting physically with the teams.

The first tests have been carried out in fact, with Catastrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients and the results have been satisfactory. As you can see in the top video, patients can even type with the view. This is useful for writing short or long e-mails accessing pages and ultimately gaining control of a computer.

The tool would also be able to allow quick writing through the eyes or transcribing the text we reproduce by speaking. In addition, Microsoft is working on the development of a functionality called shape writing, which aims to accelerate the writing process. Thus, the system could guess a word just by looking at the first letters of the word or by analyzing the letters around it.

If this initial prediction were incorrect since with machines one never knows, what might happen the system itself would offer the user an alternative prediction? In addition, the user could exchange that word now. To keep advancing in the project, Microsoft has now focused on the hardware part. It has plans with Dynamo PC Eye Mini, PC Eye Plus, Eye Mobile Plus and the series I for Windows 10. The company, moreover, has not closed to proposals from other manufacturers that want to express their interest.