New menu:

We begin with the best known point, and that is why many do not upgraded to Windows 8 was the lack of characteristic start menu in previous versions. Well, that is already solved in the best way with the unification of major desktop screens where lifelong formerly the Metro interface and its practical “Live Tiles” customization shaped mosaic. Lets talk about Windows 10: features, news and some curiosities.

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Not only that, we can also resize the box to your liking achieving a combination of ingredients that will leave this menu in the perfect spot.

windows 10: features


Microsoft wins a personality so far unclear with Cortana. This wizard voice almost comes alive compared to other competition and becomes the heart of Windows 10, always being available to help from the taskbar and other applications. In addition to tell jokes, sing and interact in many ways and very funny, Cortana learns your tastes based on your activity on the operating system to even anticipate your needs and give recommendations and suggestions. Available in some countries like Spain or the United States, it has not yet come to Latin America but is expected to arrives in mid-2016.

Microsoft Edge:

If there is a program that you wanted a slow and painful death that was IE. It comes in a Spartan replacement of speed and minimalism as Microsoft Edge, the new browser that gives us a clean, intuitive (with the help of Cortana) and fundamentally faster interface. Chrome Beware that now seems slow you’re being you!

Windows Hello:

If the iPhone or Galaxy S6 have their fingerprint sensor now Windows 10 comes with its own system called Windows authenticate Hello. With it you can log on without a password using facial recognition by PC webcam. Of course, for now only work with special 3D cameras trap to prevent the use of images is made.

One Drive:

Already we knew in Windows 8, but like Cortana gets into the heart of the new Windows so we can upload all our documents, photos, videos and even data from many programs in order to continue our work in other devices quickly and easily .


Ohhh yeahh! Attending the service that may be the reason that I pass to Windows Phone, and to convert the phone into a pocket computer connecting to a screen and a keyboard via USB 3.1. Also, when you connect it becomes a fully customized desktop version. This idea is somewhat similar to Motorola Atrix we saw a few years ago, but if this time is well implemented can be the bomb. Of course, only it works with Windows 10 and future mobile top-end, requiring special specifications.

Xbox Support:

Play your PC games with people who are in the Xbox will be possible also can play your Xbox games from your PC … But beware! that does not mean that if you put the game DVD in your laptop and you can play. Basically, what we’ll do is send through the local network your games console to your computer in a manner similar to that currently exists in the Playstation 4 and the Xperia. Anyway, are working to make this feature even better you can play in reverse, on your Xbox with PC games.

Universal applications:

Now apps are more compatible than ever. They work adapting to the type of device you use, scalable and practical. Anyway to the problem of lack of apps on Windows Microsoft is removed from the sleeve a system to easily adapt Android and iOS applications to Windows 10, so if this works well soon see as my family grows.


If you feel so adapt the windows as convenient for me to work, your suffering is over. Now the windows are adjusted to your screen smart way. But not only that, Windows 10 will also feature a virtual desktop system with which you can organize your different projects separately.

It is backwards:

If your fear is to upgrade to Windows 10 and not be able to use your favorite programs, do not worry, the code of the operating system is based on previous versions so to take the plunge will not lose applications or data.