Hosting companies are now offering specialized service plans for WordPress users. There are more and more WordPress hosting services available today, complete with extra features and functionalities that will help your WordPress blogs perform really well even under heavy load. There are also great bonuses and special offers for WordPress users. In this part, we are going to review some of the best offers to look for when you are searching for WordPress hosting.


Free Premium Themes

WordPress is great for a number of reasons, but one of them is the fact that you can build any kind of website with the right theme. There are literally thousands of free themes to choose from too. Even better, you can now enjoy the best functionalities from top premium WordPress themes for free when you use the right hosting plan.

Service providers such as Themecloud now offers free premium WordPress themes as part of their service plans. You can choose from a catalogue of specialized WordPress themes designed for different kinds of websites, ranging from personal blogs to a fully-featured online store.

These premium themes usually cost around £30 to £70 per theme, so getting them for free is a huge plus nonetheless. You will also enjoy free updates and even premium plugins used by the theme of your choice. If you want to have a gorgeous looking – and highly functional – WordPress site without spending a lot of money to set it up, this is definitely the kind of bonus you should search for.

Free Advertising Credit

To win more business, hosting companies have been offering freebies and bonuses for years. Among the most popular freebies are free advertising credits, which allow you to place ads on popular advertising network for free. I’m not just talking about $10 worth of ad credit here; you can actually get up to $500 in advertising credit just by signing up for a hosting service.
$500 can really help you jumpstart your blog and attract a lot of traffic in a relatively short amount of time. $100 in Facebook Ad credit, for instance, is enough to run a moderately sized campaign for more than 14 days, depending on your target segment and the type of ad you want to display.

Google AdWords credit and various other bonuses are also included in the deal most of the time. Be sure to use these free advertising offers wisely and get the best return on your investment.

Free CDN Service

This next offer is great for those of you who want to run an international site. As we all know, it is always best to pick a server location that is closest to our target audience. With a site that targets international viewers, however, this is not always easy to do. Free content distribution network or CDN is exactly the kind of bonus service you need for the job.

CDNs like CloudFlare and Amazon AWS will take all static content of your site and distribute it across multiple servers worldwide. When a user from a particular region access your site, the server will automatically access the nearest CDN node to get those content. The result is a much faster and better-performing site altogether.

In today’s market, where speed and user experience are everything, having a site that loads quickly and easy to access is simply a must. A free CDN service can save you up to £50 a month and will give you that performance edge you need to stay on top of your competitors.

Free Domain Name

A free domain name may not sound much, but for those of you who are on an extremely tight budget, it may just be the offer you need. You can get a free domain name even with a hosting plan that costs no more than £1 per month; this offer alone will make the hosting service well worth every penny.

There are a few things you need to know about a free domain name, however. First of all, make sure you retain ownership of the domain name. Read the terms of the offer and check if you can transfer the domain to another registrar or hosting company should you choose to switch hosting services.

You also need to know how much you need to pay for the domain name in such event. There are a lot of cases where site owners cannot acquire the domain name they’ve worked so hard to promote just because they failed to understand the terms of free domain offers when signing up. You can even ask the hosting company’s customer support if you have points in the terms that you don’t understand.

Aside from taking extra caution when signing up for an account, a free domain name is definitely an offer worth pursuing. It will make setting up a new WordPress site much easier and more affordable to do.