You don't need to automate everything at home: this is better than being smart

Have the home automation, it is something increasingly common. It has many positive points, but the truth is that it could also have disadvantages to take into account. We are going to talk to you about which devices or systems you should not home automation or, at least, be careful if you do. The objective is to avoid problems that could affect your safety or endanger the proper functioning of other devices you have at home.

When you consider converting your home into a smart one, you must take into account different factors such as security, whether it really is something that helps you in your daily life or possible limitations that these devices may have. Ultimately, you will depend more on the Internet than if they were traditional devices.

What you should avoid home automation

The truth is you don't need to have everything automated. At least, it will not be necessary for a certain appliance to function correctly, for example. Yes, you will find many advantages, but there are also negative points that you should take into account to avoid problems.

Vital safety systems

Security systems can also be domotic. It is true that they are useful, since you will have control from your mobile phone, but be careful because there may be limitations. In the worst case, you could even have problems that compromise that protection and affect the security of your home.

For example, we can name the case of a smart lock. Is it good to have the main lock automated? It has its risks. What happens if the system fails? What if someone managed to hack that device? Keep this in mind before deciding on a home automation security system. Just as they could spy on you through your cell phone camera, they could do so if you have a smart doorbell, for example.

Smart remote control lock

Appliances that you do not use

It is increasingly common to find home appliances of all kinds that are intelligent. For example, you can see an air fryer with Wi-Fi. Now, do you really need these types of devices to be home automation? The usefulness will be minimal, at least, for the majority of users. However, you are going to pay a lot more.

We believe that there are many appliances that are not worth home automation. Even more so if you are not going to really take advantage of them. Examples such as a smart fryer, a dishwasher, the washing machine, etc. Although you can always find advantages, which there are, in most cases you are not going to take advantage of it.

Backup Storage

Another issue to take into account is the devices you use to create Backups. You will be able to automate them, which would allow you to start them remotely or link them to other devices. Now, this also poses an added risk, since they are devices that will be connected to the network.

Maybe you want to have storage systems where you create your backups manually. This will avoid risks and, therefore, home automation and linking them to other devices may be a bad idea, although it will also have its advantages.

Therefore, as you can see, you should always check whether or not it is worth it to automate certain devices at home. You may wonder if you are really going to take advantage of it, if it could put your safety or the proper functioning of other devices at risk.

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