Sony did not remain silent in the MWC and introduced the Z4 Tablet, called to be one of the best of 2015. News, features and specifications. Failing to show your phone again, this time Sony arrives at MWC 2015, presenting the most anticipated tablet of the show: the Z4 Xperia Tablet, which comes to renew the previous Z2 Tablet in the segment of 10 inches. And with its design, functionality and power are the best of 2015. Let’s see why they raise.

xperia tablet

Design and Display

The Xperia Tablet Z4 stands out for its quality manufacturing, with a metal chassis and glass front (this is already being trend) with a sober and elegant design, but for my taste a little big edges. In short it is like the Z2 Tablet last year, with a thickness of only 6.1 mm and a weight of 392 g. The 10.1-inch screen, great protagonist in this case is 2K (2560 x 1600 pixels), an improvement that is best seen on screens of this size. It’s not a super amoled, but maintains good colors Z2 tablet. Sony TaambiĆ©n work to plug all the holes to make it a tablet resistant to water and dust, IP68 certified taken. This means it is 100% protected against dust and can be immersed in water to about 3 meters, while good, is not something necessarily recommended.

Specifications and power

It is a tablet with technology, and has what every high end of 2015 must have: a Snapdragon 810 (8 cores) 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, enough to have power to spare. With the camera were not played much, and is a discrete sensor of 8 mega pixels to 5 mega pixel rear and to the front. Meet the battery is 6000 mAh, quite large, with which the tablet should hold up to 15 hours of use. According to Sony is better optimized than the last generation.

System: approaching the computer

Lollipop obviously uses Android 5.0, but with minor modifications Sony to maintain backward style. The good thing is that you can adjust the size of the applications just like windows Windows, so you have a closer to a small laptop experience. To complement, there is a Bluetooth keyboard. There will be a Surface Pro, but it does.