Zone of Interest: see where to watch, trailer and story of the A24 film

The rise of the Nazis in World War II continues to be a theme in cinema and television, and one of the latest works to address the massacre is Zone of Interest. Jonathan Glazer's film is one of the highlights of the Oscars, nominated in five categories.

Zone of Interestfrom A24, competes in the Best Film category with other renowned productions, such as The Rejected, Barbie, AAmerican Fiction, Past lives, Flower Moon Assassins, and others. The plot stars Sandra Hüller and Christian Friedel.

If you are interested in the feature film, check out more details about the production now, including availability, synopsis and trailer, to get into the film's mood!

Where to watch the movie Zone of Interest?

Zone of Interest hits Brazilian cinemas on February 15, before the Oscar awards. In other words, anyone who wants to see the film in its splendor on the big screen will still need to wait until next month.

As the feature film is an A24 production, it is also difficult to predict which streaming service will receive the film. After all, the company has already partnered with Netflix, Paramount+ and other services.

Zone of Interest competes for Oscars in five categoriesZone of Interest competes for Oscars in five categoriesSource: A24/Disclosure

However, the tendency is that Znote of interest be released for digital rental in Brazil a few weeks after its release in theaters, appearing on platforms such as Prime Video, YouTube and Apple TV+. Normally, the waiting window usually lasts around 45 days, which would officially place the film on the Brazilian digital market at the end of April.

Zone of Interest: what is it about?

The film focuses on the romantic relationship between a Nazi officer, Rudolf Höss (Christian Friedel), and the wife of an Auschwitz concentration camp commandant, Hedwig Hös (Sandra Hüller). Together, they live in a house with a garden close to where the horrors happen.

The case starts to become a problem when he suspects his wife of infidelity. So, amid the violence of the genocide caused by the war, the plot also brings a lot of drama. Check out the official trailer for the film Zone of Interest:

Zone of Interest: cast and production

Zone of Interest stars Christian Friedel, a German actor and singer already known for productions such as 13 Minutes, Babylon Berlin It is The White Ribbonand is a highlight of European awards.

The film also features German Sandra Hüller, who is also competing for the 2024 Oscar for the film Anatomy of a Fall in the Best Actress category. Her work can be seen in plots such as Sibyl, Requiem, The Ideal Man, The journey and many others.

Completing the cast are actors Freya Kreutzkam, Ralhp Herforth, Max Beck, Ralf Zillmann and others. The direction and script are by Jonathan Glazer, filmmaker behind productions such as The Fall, Under the Skin, Sexy Beastand others.

The film arrives in Brazilian cinemas in FebruaryThe film arrives in Brazilian cinemas in FebruarySource: A24/Disclosure

International repercussion

The German plot has been very well received around the world, which marked its arrival at the Oscars. The film won the Grand Prix award at the Cannes Film Festival and the International Federation of Film Critics.

Now, Zone of Interest competes in the biggest awards on the big screen in the categories of best film, best international film, adapted screenplay, direction and sound. On review platforms, the film also stands out, accumulating 92% critical approval on Rotten Tomatoes, for example.

The film Zone of Interest arrives in Brazilian cinemas on February 15th.

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