5 Important Data Center Consolidation Best Practices to Consider

The modern business relies heavily upon access to efficient data centers for smooth flow of information and services throughout the organization. Globalization, better prospects, and short-term needs often compel businesses to establish multiple data centers to maintain efficiency. This unplanned and haphazard approach often leads to a situation where fragmented and cluttered functioning of data centers lead to cost and productivity issues.

In such a scenario, consolidation of data centers becomes essential to remove inefficiencies and help the business meet new challenges in an ever-evolving market. The process of consolidation is an important step that must be performed in accordance with best practices for maximum benefits. Read ahead for an overview of some important steps organizations should take when consolidating all its data centers.

  1. Define Precise and Clear Parameters of Success

Is the presence of multiple data centers truly hurting your business? It is important to start with a cost-benefit analysis of the data center consolidation process as a whole. This will result in identification of precise parameters that will determine whether the consolidation process has been a success or not. Having vague benchmarks may result in a situation where the organization does not exploit the benefits of the consolidation decision to the fullest.

  1. Involve All Stakeholders

The datacenter consolidation process, even if done in a time bound manner, will affect the routine operations of the organization. In such a scenario, not involving all stakeholders including employees can result in numerous complications. Having a motivated and committed workforce can help the organization find better and cheaper ways to improve datacenter efficiency throughout the consolidation process. Continue reading 5 Important Data Center Consolidation Best Practices to Consider

Video conversion done for the Mac operating system computers

If you have Mac operating system as your primary source of computing, then you will find that there is a substantial problem. You do not have any kind of software support, that is to say, you do not have as much as a software support that can be found in the Windows operating system. So, could be at a prime disadvantage, particularly when you’re looking for some exceptional and quality software. However, the Mac operating system is not far behind. With its superior capabilities of design and graphics, it will be able to provide the appropriate change that is to be found in any computer.

However, when it comes to the video conversion, there is a substantial amount of increase in the people clamoring for windows. In the Mac operating system, getting software that can provide exceptional video conversion is something of a mirage. However, that particular thought has now been thrown to the gutters with the introduction of Movavi video converter for Mac. It is this wonderful video conversion system that can help you to open virtually any kind of video files without any kind of problems.

Movavi Video Converter for Mac

If you are looking out for very easy method to undertake video conversion, then you need to look no further. The Movavi video converter for Mac is the ideal software for this purpose. With the help of the software, you will be able to adjust the volume, and hence the sound, as well as take to the modification of each and every factor within the video. You do not need to wait for anything; you not have to worry about any problems in regards to the video conversion, as everything shall be taken care of by the video converter itself. Continue reading Video conversion done for the Mac operating system computers

The screen of your phone in the car

We show several new technologies that you can use to connect your phone to the car. Car Net MirrorLink and how do they work? What can they do? Coming up next. To connect the phone to the car usually have many technologies to the point that you can lose a little. So in this video we show two that seem the most practical and not so used: Mirror Link and the owner of Volkswagen Car Net .

the car

Mirror Link: Replicating the screen

MirrorLink is the industry standard to connect the phone directly to the car, and dates from 2009. What do you do? Replica screen smartphone in the car’s display . Something like making Chrome cast, but with the advantage that MirrorLink can use the touch controls of the car directly, making it more convenient and comfortable.

It is also easy to use, you only need to connect the phone via USB , Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Of course, this depends on your car’s compatible technologies. In the video we show as the classic apps, such as YouTube, surfing the Internet or work. All without any lag, being MirrorLink actually recommended.

Net Car: Volkswagen technology

This technology, typical of Volkswagen cars, allows different functions with an internet connection. How do you connect? Some cars let you use a SIM card, but you can share the mobile connection via Wi-Fi or using USB.

Among the possibilities are shown in the video is view the location of gas stations , the weather or the car cameras. Quite convenient, though of course more limited than Mirror Link.

Remember that you can see our note ” Like listening to the music on your phone in the car “for simple forms of music, or our press Play Car if you use iPhone. Also, if you want more interesting content not forget to follow our YouTube channel and new technologies section .

Amazing new technology for televisions (2015)

With 4K it has been a revolution in television, with several new technologies that accompany and enhance the image quality. I tell you which ones will come in the latest models. TVs do not stay calm and to improve our sales and encourage consumerism (yes, we have a weakness for technology), year to year show news . Some come to stay – as might be the 4K – and others may have more pain than glory as it did with 3D. Anyway, this year is interesting , with amazing tvs resolutions and the growing struggle of OLED LCD vs best. So let’s see what are the new technologies that will dominate the tvs and the next coming years.

new technology

4K Resolution 1:

With more and larger TVs, where 32 inches and look like small, upscale is the logical step, and now we move from Full HD 1080p 4096 x 2160 resolution 4K (although in most TV, you says Ultra HD and 3840 x 2160 ). This means more than 8 million pixels on the screen with what you get 4 times more detail . Clearly, the human eye has its limits, so the difference is noticeable mainly in screens larger than 50-60 inches and by sitting nearby.

All manufacturers adopted this format and now all are 4K more ambitious proposals, and seeing that is a useful thing , surely it will become a standard in the future . Of course, for this we need first a lot of content, and truth, for now there is so much. Some important series like Breaking Bad, are coming to 4K with Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Even Sony has its own player 4K where you can buy movies and download them. It’s slow, but the 4K race seems quite firm. But I see no replacing Full HD up within a few years .

2- curved TVs:

The curved TVs are the new fashion , and all manufacturers are launching a model. The aim of these screens is curved inward better suit your view, which is curved. With this, you get a better sense of immersion and contrast, because the curve focuses light where you’re watching.

At first it may seem ideal, but there are some problems that make me DOUBT much of his success . First, things are not going well when you’re with other people in the room and some have to do with cost, as the unfortunate could see the picture a bit distorted, which can even fatigue. In addition, the reflection generated is annoying. Of course the price issue, because for a model of 55 ” have to spend about € 1,400. Nobody has a crystal ball, but that of the curved TV reminds me a bit to 3D is not finished settling. Time will tell.

3- Quantum Dots:

The quantum dots could be the future of LCD TV , enhancing colors and contrast, a weak point of these compared to OLED TVs. But … what are Quantum Dots?

They are very small crystals that can produce light when given power, according to size. The trick is to have a layer of “Quantum Dots” LED light on the TV backlit, filtering and producing more natural than the current colors. This light LED backlit TVs, usually blue, is to blame for that blacks are not as good. Quantum Dots, to absorb, avoid influencing badly on the image.

It is a technology that seeks to bring a little color quality of the LCD to OLED, since the latter are very expensive to manufacture (a non low OLED tv 2,000 €, and LG is almost the only thing that makes ) .In short, the palette must improve by at least 30%.

How to root the galaxy s6?

It is possible to root the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and easy! We tell you how to do it in minutes. Once you get used to the freedoms that root the phone , it is difficult to return. And it lets you delete unwanted apps, make better backups, record calls and customize the launcher to your liking, among other things. This process is different for each mobile world, but luckily for the S6 is a very easy way to do it in a few minutes without using your computer.

We speak of PingPong Root , a method also avoids raising the Knox counter , allowing, in theory, keep your warranty. The process is as easy as download an APK and install , which also installs the SuperSU, the application to grant super user permissions to other apps.

galaxy s6

How do I install ?: Step by Step

First, you must make sure that your version is supported. In the official post on Xda Developers whole list of models, both S6 and S6 Edge, which works shown (which I recommend reading all the info you have). To find your model, you can see it in “Settings -> About phone -> Number of complication.”

1- Download the APK PingPong Root from the official post I linked above (the links are at the end of post). Install it and open it.

2- It will also install the SuperSU. When finished, you should open it and run it to activate it. It displays an error message and take you back to the app PingPong Root.

3- You must press the “Download Data” button and, when finished, give the button “Get Root”.

4- If all goes well, a message appears informing that the mobile rooter correctly.

5- You must restart the phone to complete the process. It is most recommended.

Once finished, you can check the rooter is correct with the app “Root Checker” (It’s in Google play and free).

Some clarifications

Using this method prevents the phone can update OTA . Furthermore, there is no assurance that future work Samsung Pay phones in modified this way.

Cheap laptops best of 2015

If you want a good laptop that does not exceed 600 euros, I commented about the best models. Play and work equipment at low prices. When you buy a laptop you avalanches by the large number of models to choose from. This feels even more for the cheaper models as there are so many, but many in stores. So I decided to discuss what the models with better value, but that are affordable. And for many of the daily uses you do not need to spend a fortune.

To give you an idea of what is handled at these prices ( less than 600 € ), we talk about i5 or i3, hard drives up to 1TB – sorry, no SSD in cheaper models -, 4 or 8 GB RAM and graphics in some cases dedicated to play well with low / medium detail. The ideal is to find a balance between all this, and base your choice on the use you’ll give. Thus for some the most important thing is the battery life, for others who have a very fast processor.


Acer Aspire V3-572G 1- (609 €)

(15.6 – i5 5200u – 8GB – 1TB – GT840M)

Add 10 euros budget, but it is one of the best cheap laptop to play that can be achieved. The GT 840M graphics hold up current games, clearly at low or medium details ( see benchmark ). With the fifth generation i5 and 8 GB of RAM, you go left over for clerical / labor. The views speak well of him, and also the battery and metal finishing stands.

What we do, they say that the touchpad is a tad improved and the screen is average. As in most computers at this price, do not expect super quality IPS panels. Either way, it is best if you have the money. You can find it in pccomponentes 609 € . Also leave some similar models with good graphics specifications:

Acer Aspire E5-571G (€ 549)

(15.6 – i5 4210u – 8GB – 500GB – GT 840m)

Not much to envy to the previous model, only slightly older processor and storage half. But if you consider that costs 60 € less … It is the lowest price with this kind of plot. Moreover all who are happy bought only criticizing some plastics. See PC Components 549 €

2- Lenovo Ideapad G 50-70 (€ 485)

(15.6 – i5 4210u – 4GB – 500GB)

Pretty cheap for a i5, and with the confidence that Lenovo is careful in their laptops. It is aesthetically appealing (at least I like the slim design) and quite comfortable keyboard. Generally range from 50-70 G (as well as similar B 50-70) are good choices. This model costs € 485 , but you can find it with i7 549 € , which is also good business. Sure the graphics are integrated, so do not expect next-generation games. I also remember that this model, like some others, can be achieved without operating system to save one euro. A € 449 the B50-70 with identical characteristics.

3- Dell Inspiron 5000 Series 15 (€ 569)

(15.6 – i5 5200u – 8GB – 1TB – R7 M265)

This machine is lowered price and has very good hardware for the money. The i5 5200u is more than good for office use with demanding applications, and graphic R7 M265 but does not become a Geforce 840m, yes that far outstrips the integrated Intel. Analyses highlight its bright screen and good range of between 5 and 6 hours. If you want something balanced, you can be the best option.

4- MSI CR61-1286XES € 538

(15.6 – i5 4210m – 4GB – 1TB)

Here is a laptop without an operating system, but we know that not everyone is a fan of Windows 8, and others may want to use Linux, so this notebook can come in handy. The best thing about it? In addition to its value – price, aesthetics is very well made, and gives a sense of touch ceramic. Additionally, processor is fine as it is finished in m (mobile), which yields almost like a low-power i7. What is often criticized: Autonomy, with heavy use does not exceed three hours.

Top 5 PS4 Games for 2015

The latest videos games, such as those for the PlayStation 4, take a lot of time and effort, as well as a team of experts, from video game design agencies, to promoters and writers, to create. And 2015 is definitely a year during which you will see some of the latest and greatest PS4 games hit the market.

Many titles have already been released, with many more that are highly anticipated. So if you have invested in this popular gaming console and you are ready to spend hours playing the best games that it has to offer, check out the list below.


Bloodborne is a gothic horror style RPG that is definitely difficult to get through at first. The graphics are superb, and the game is meant to be dark and scary, much like the Silent Hill series. From the same creator as the popular Dark Souls games, Bloodborne has you fighting massive beasts and monsters and repairing your injuries with blood vials as you upgrade your character with different clothing and weapons as you go.

Mortal Kombat X

Long-time fans of the Mortal Kombat game will really love the improved graphics and features in Mortal Kombat X. You can join a faction and reap rewards by playing with a team of other players online, and you can even enjoy online combat against strangers or people you know. Story mode provides a whole new storyline for your favorite characters, and there are also towers to complete with various characters. Anyone who enjoys fighting games will definitely want to pick this one up. Continue reading Top 5 PS4 Games for 2015

New technologies that will change the notebooks in 2015

Laptops are changing as ever, and this year several new technologies that you must know is coming. Wireless charging, external and graphs. The portable sector is experiencing a new youth. After years of stagnation (he even came to think that the tablets would leave them in the background), regained prominence and now come in different types of formats, such as convertibles. Accompanying this good time come several new technologies, so if you plan to buy a laptop soon , or you’re just curious, which I mention you should watch.

new technologies

1 USB Type C: One single cable for all

The new standard “USB 3.1 Type C” (or Type C) USB 3.0 greatly improves the traditional. For starters, the connector may be on either side – it is reversible and smaller – and improves the speed, reaching maximum speeds of 20 Gbps , more than the current 5 Gbps. See, in real life is not as fast, but already some tests showed speeds of 800 MBps ·

But what surprises me most is capable of transferring more power to the point that, in the future, may feed up to other notebooks . I imagine a small external battery to charge portable, that would be nice. Continue reading New technologies that will change the notebooks in 2015

LG g4: News and features

LG introduced its new top model: the G4. We see that brought back a mobile where leather, camera and the curves are the protagonists. What we had been waiting and discussing their rumors, but finally the LG G4 was introduced . A great revolution? Difficult, but with some new features that may again appeal to those who do not have a G3. Let surprises us with LG.

lg g4

Design: Leather and curves

The first novelty comes from the design side, because although it looks very similar to G3, almost the same size and weight, now the back cover can be ordered in leather of different colors. And it is not a plastic imitation as in the Note, this is genuine leather. Besides, the phone has a slightly curved design , much less clear that a G-flex, but enough to improve grip and protect more screen before a fall (as mentioned in our note of the curved screens ).

Of course, if you do not like the leather can opt for a conventional plastic housing. As a small detail, the back button is rectangular and not round as in the G3. Continue reading LG g4: News and features

American Airlines had to take several flights

Maybe it’s a little early to retire the paper. At least if the idea is to replace it with a household product in very critical tasks. The flight plan of commercial airline pilots, say. Because what if the media tablet be given by hanging? That is what happened on Tuesday night in the United States, where several dozen American Airlines flights were delayed by a software problem in the iPad that since 2013, replaced all paper to load a driver. In doing so, they did not have the team to be packed to the point of leaving the plane without a path. But so it is the computers, and we’ve all experienced their whims.

American Airlines

Information on what went wrong in American Airlines iPad yesterday was very diffuse. Apparently, an application (ie, not a problem in the tablet) or hung off the iPad. Some pilots had failed to resolve the problem before passengers boarding ended, but others had to return to the gate to connect to Wi-Fi so you can re-download and install the app. As expected, the accident spread quickly through social networks. Continue reading American Airlines had to take several flights