It is really quite easy for any IT company to become a VoIP reseller. Most IT businesses will already have a pretty good understanding of how IP networks and hosted services work. If you can grasp these concepts and have experience of setting up, configuring and managing some kind of software or online service, it’s a fairly small step to becoming a fully-fledged and proficient VoIP reseller.

Plenty of information and online tutorials are available from hosted VoIP companies, so getting a good grounding in the subject is easy and certainly advisable, both from a sales and technical viewpoint.


But you can never feel totally comfortable implementing a new technology until you have had some real world experience. With VoIP, as with other technologies, it helps to get hands-on experience as soon as you can. Learning how to demonstrate VoIP effectively is really useful. Before you get to the point where you can set-up a hosted VoIP service for a customer, it is advisable to attend a workshop or training course, or at least take some online tutorials and practice using a service for yourself.

The hosted VoIP service provider will almost certainly enable you to do this by providing you with a free licence or two, so you can try it for yourself. This ought to give you the confidence you need to go out and sell the service and even to set-up your first customers.

The best practice of all though – and the best advert and endorsement you could give – is to use the service in your own business. What’s good for your customers after all, ought to be good for you too, and what better way can there be to learn how to get the best from hosted VoIP than to use it every day and enjoy the benefits yourself.