Most marine engines have not one but two filters . The water separator (inside the glass bowl and removable filter cartridge) filter is usually located between the tank and the fuel filter incorporated. Built-in filter is nested between the tank (or water separator filter, if the engine is equipped with it) and the engine carburetor or fuel injection system. The water separator is bypassed, but the integrated filter is a simple tube having plugged fuel pipe to a hose having a nozzle at each end.
Marine Fuel Filter


Disconnect the battery cables from the boat. Open all drains fuel (this may require a wrench or screwdriver) into the fuel system of the engine and drain the system into an approved container, usually a plastic jug of fuel. Close your drains and clean up any spilled fuel. Place the towels or rags used to clean up the spill in a closed metal can of garbage, reserved for this purpose.

Place a plastic plate under the filter drain fuel, if the fuel pipe is retained slightly. Take the fuel filter incorporated in one hand and the fuel line from the filter (the pipe between the carburetor or block injection and filter) on the other hand, 2 inches (5.08 cm) from the filter.
Pulls in opposite directions and continuously from the fuel line and filter to separate the fuel line from the nozzle into the fuel filter inlet addresses. Hold the filter and the pipe vertically into the tank, allowing fuel to drain from the filter tank.

Grab the fuel line from the tank at approximately 2 inches (5.08 cm) from the intake filter with one hand, and the fuel filter position with the other hand. Strip filter unit off the pipe. Press the end of the pipe from the fuel tank into the nozzle new built-in filter.

Grab the fuel line from the block injector or carburetor near its end with one hand and the fuel filter with the other hand. Press the nozzle of the fuel filter inside the fuel filter incorporated.