The world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is becoming bigger by the day. Once only the dreams of science fiction and for the longest time only available in military applications, technology has now produced a whole series of drones capable of flying about and capturing aerial video. You can now grab one of these drones for as little as a couple hundred dollars, meaning that there are plenty of weekend hobbyists who now play with this form of technology. If you are one to organise, host or plan events, then you know how important documenting the ongoings are when it comes to future event promotion and sharing with others. Why not use aerial drones as a way to capture these moments on camera? Below, we’ll talk about three awesome aerial video capable drones that you’ll want to consider when planning or documenting an upcoming event.

Phantom 2 Vision

The Phantom 2 Vision drone from DJI is a fancy-looking contraption with four rotors for optimal control. Included in its design is a high performance camera that can be tilted and controlled from the ground remotely, and is perfect for capturing still shots. If you want to snag aerial video, then you’ll need to attach a smartphone (holster included in drone design) to the drone in order to do so. You can also take photos through your smartphone, if you so desire. Various lens filters are supported with the Phantom 2 Vision, and the device comes with Adobe lens profile support. A proprietary app for your smartphone is also available, which will help you adjust the phone’s camera settings to optimal levels for aerial video capturing. Wi-Fi connectivity, album synchronisation and ample sharing solutions are also integrated into the drone, which can be purchased for $899.

Draganflyer X6

Another professional solution for those who want to capture aerial video is the Draganflyer X6, available through Draganfly. Not only can the X6 be used to capture aerial video, but it can also be configured to be useful in a variety of other applications. Local governments have used it to conduct industrial inspection and educational research, while other entities have used it to monitor wildlife and assess public safety. Professional video companies like Sky Shots Production swear by drones such as the Draganflyer X6, which features six rotors, plenty of safety features and a portable transport case.


Last but not least, prepare to meet SteadiDrone, which offers several different aerial video solutions at different price points. Coming this December, a new four-rotor rapid deployment drone known as the Flare will be available for just $500. Their current claim to fame is the Mavrik X8, which is available for $1000. All of SteadiDrone’s drones feature advanced GPS that allow the devices to self-navigate and find their way back home, a compact design that makes them very easy to deploy, and plenty of audio/video gear to make your aerial video capturing projects a breeze. The easily modifiable platforms of the SteadiDrone line up, their lightweight design and excellent ranges make these drones a hit in the unmanned aerial vehicle community.