A TV antenna is a device used to receive a television signal transmitted from a nearby tower. The signal is sent from the antenna to the TV through a cable. You can buy antennas of all shapes and sizes, but you can also make a TV antenna simple with basic elements of electricity. Whole-mount antenna is wrapped in PVC to protect and maintain connections while the antenna is active and in use.

antenna for television




Cut 4 mm each end of the coaxial cables with wire stripper leaving the thin inner wire is in the center.



Cut 4mm insulating cover each end. So you will reveal the braid and dielectric insulator in cables.




1mm mesh folds at each end of the cables and apply a small amount of solder to maintain the mesh in place. This will expose extra 1mm dielectric.



Presented the first wire so that the core rests on the top of the second wire mesh. The core of the second wire should be just below the first wire mesh.



Joining the first and second cable by applying a small amount of solder on each of the center cores. Do not let the mesh contact point welding .



Place the center of the end of the second wire mesh under the other end of the third and welded connections. Follow each of welding wires this way , with the cores of odd number above the grid and numbered cores below the mesh.



Slide a heat shrinkable tube in each of the welded joints of cables to cover the connections. Use the heat gun to heat the tubes until the material is firmly contracted around the connections.



Use the clip to adjust the aluminum tube mesh wire ends together. Adjust the cable connecting the antenna to the open end of the tube using the clip again.



Put the three triodes in the antenna cable to 160 mm from the end of the aluminum tube.



Connect the wires to the rod using plastic clips. Place them spaced every 3 inches to make the antenna is strong enough to stand firm.



Take the PVC pipe, screwed a plug at one end and within the antenna drops. Practice drill a hole with the other plug for the cable and close the tube.