After the launch of the new iPhone X, the people from iFixit have not lost time and have dismantled the new Apple phone. They already did in their time with the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 8. The truth is that after opening it they have met with a pleasant surprise. The iPhone X would be different inside if we compare it with its predecessors. The greatest novelty would found in the battery with an “L” shape. Actually, the funny thing is that it is not a single battery, but two separate and placed in this position to save as much space as possible. The goal of the company is clear: that the iPhone X get to enjoy a greater capacity despite its thin chassis.

iPhone X

Apple has achieved this year in the iPhone X that in such a small can enter all the components and a greater battery to give them energy. The total size is 2,716 mAh, slightly higher than that of the iPhone 8 Plus (10.35 Wh vs. 10.28 Wh). In addition, another major difference lies in the new support for the dual camera. We have noticed during the disassembly of the iPhone X a new piece that had never seen before on another iPhone. Apparently, this support would act as a kind of small airbag to protect the sensors from possible hits.

More battery and screen

Returning to the issue of the battery, Apple would have had to include a larger size given the huge screen of the new iPhone X. Remember that the device mounted a panel of nothing more and nothing less than 5.8 inches and uses OLED technology. However, the Cupertino are still far behind in this section if we compare Samsung phones. Its new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8 + houses a 3,500 mAh battery inside. It is a phone with a large screen too (6.2 WQHD of 2960 x 1440 pixels).

iPhone X exploded

During the cutting, it was also possible to see how the Lightning connector also seems to have been reinforced. Now it has new screws and a wider support. In addition, the handset of the iPhone X has shifted a bit down to accommodate the True Depth camera system. It includes IR illuminators, spot projectors and cameras. For its part, it has been able to corroborate the internal storage of 64 GB of the iPhone X and it has a Snapdragon X16 LTE modem, which is activated to offer high-speed data connectivity.