It’s rather interesting that such a sophisticated smartphone like the iPhone 5s could be so fragile in its design. Many iPhone users soon learn the hard way that their phone needs more than a simple cover to protect it from the daily wear and tear they’ll put it through while at home and on the go. Many phone skins on the market are designed to express style rather than provide durability for a device, and therefore offer little protection for the phone long term. Unfortunately, the majority of people who own an iPhone will end up with a cracked screen or worse because they did not choose the right smartphone skin to protect it from damage.


The development of smartphone skins made of more resilient materials such as polycarbonate, anti-slipping silicone, polycarbonate/silicone, polycarbonate/rubber, rubber and aluminum has finally given iPhone users the option to sufficiently protect and customize them like never before. Instead of just being a stylish accessory, these types of smartphone skins actually serve as an extension of the iPhone itself by providing superior protection against shock, dirt, dust, scratches, cracks, dents and water damage.

Carbon fiber iPhone 5s skins conform extremely well to the dimensions of various models released on the market down to the micro millimeter and may be the strongest of all iPhone cases available today. Comprised of multiple layers, the skin offers worry-free protection for an avid phone user who needs their skins to remain in place without curling or peeling away. iPhone users also have the ability to customize their carbon fiber iPhone 5s skins with a variety of textures, patterns, rich, vivid colours and wood-like grains that can also be mixed and matched according to their preference. To find the perfect skin, iPhone users should start by researching the available types online from reputable manufacturers, such as dbrandinc. (visit them at

Carbon fiber iPhone 5s skins are particularly popular among many iPhone users because of its naturally resilient composition that is ergonomically clever as well. Due to its texture, carbon fiber is virtually indestructible against harsh wear and tear, but can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth. Because it has a high rate of resilience, it can safely adapt to the harsh elements of the outdoors as well. Purchasing carbon fiber iPhone 5s skins will not only allow for a seamless fit but will also provide superior protection with its continual use.