Choosing an SD card can be difficult. Recently I discussed in detail what you should consider in choosing a , and now it is time to move to the recommended models, so whether you have an ultra-generation camera or mobile midrange. But first, and leave you as quick reference guide for choosing an SD / Micro SD memory:

5 Easy Steps to choose your card

1- Check the maximum storage card that supports your device to see if it is compatible with standard SD, SDHC (2 to 32GB) or SDXC (64GB or more).

2- Choose the ideal for the task within the limits storage. For photos and at least 16 GB HD video, if you’re going to shoot a lot at least 32 GB.

3- Check the transfer rate in MB / s of your device to know the kind of card (2,4,6,10, U1, U3) that best suits the job. For modern devices, Class 10 is the norm.

4- Do you need some extra? Maybe it Wi-Fi or it MicroSD with SD adapter and USB standard.

5- Compare prices and see the top brands, some like Samsung (with the EVO line) or Sandisk Extreme have very good reputation.

Card cameras (SLR – Go Pro) and 4K smartphone: Sandisk Extreme 60MB / s U3

Speed ​​read / write up to 40/60 MB / s. It U3 certification, making it ideal for 4K. Many users bought cameras to record 4K GO-PRO and could be used without problems. This is essential because slower memory recording may not operate. It comes with SD adapter, so it can be used in cameras and phones.

It is more expensive than other models, but not as expensive as the Sandisk Extreme Pro worth almost double. The opinions gathered are highly positive.

Card for mobile and modern compact cameras: Samsung EVO 32GB

Speed ​​read / write up to 48 MB / s. With real writing speeds of about 20 MB / s, and U1 certification requirements for compact cameras and new smartphones it is more than good. Moreover, its price / quality ratio is quite good, and Samsung EVO line always has good views on what memories SD. As details, Micro SD can buy an adapter for USB 2.0, to be connected everywhere and is waterproof.

Wi-Fi SD Card: SD Wifi 16GB Transcend

WiFi SD cards have the added advantage that, thanks to a circuit inside them create a small wi-fi network that allows you to view photos and videos captured using an app for mobile or computer, and even share them online at the moment. They are attractive, if rather more expensive and not as rápidas.f

Of course, we should clarify that you should keep a few things in mind before you buy to avoid disappointed as some opinions that you see on Amazon. First, make sure your camera supports this card, because it requires some additional electrical voltage. Transcend is a page: but if you do not find your model better question in forums. Then you should know that the camera battery is consumed faster. If you let this happen, they are interesting cards.