Following a full range of DJing software for PC and Mac, now adds another novelty DJUCEDTM: DJUCEDTM App, a novel application of DJing optimized for iPad ®, designed for DJs who want to experiment with mobile DJing on a touch-based interface.

DJing software for PC and Mac

Complete and innovative

With over 90 features, DJUCEDTM App is one of the most complete DJing applications available, offering all necessary to make complete, clean and intuitive functionality mixtures: DJUCEDTM App offers a unique set of functions to prepare a mixture liven up a party or live.With a variety of functions ranging from precise analysis of BPM (thanks to the famous algorithms zplane.development ®), effects and entry points to the realistic scratching function for brilliant mixes, the app also incorporates advanced synchronized loops with the BPM of the tracks, a sampler that enables DJs to add jingles and loops to your mix, and a recording function to create, share and refine creations.

This application is innovative because it includes two unique features: automatic samplers with timber extraction functions of loops, to remix tracks on the fly, and a step sequencer to create atmospheres and rhythms, something hitherto unknown in DJing in support tablet.

We have not forgotten the beginner DJ who like to mix with their iPad ®: DJUCED ™ incorporates integrated modules that allow them to quickly create your first mixes using the Automix function, but they also offer choices simple and progressive evolution, based on the intuitive discovery of the vast range of functions offered by the app DJing.

This complete application invites users to discover all aspects of mixtures with a touch interface, which encourages DJs to discover their own style.

Intuitive and easy to use

As the mixtures are basically a matter of feeling, sensitivity and skill, equipment DJUCEDTM optimized usability and accessibility of the application: all functions are at the fingertips of the user, Toolbar DJ application that brings together all the functions in an iconic and intuitive panel.

You can easily access all the essential functions by simply touching an icon on the toolbar of the main screen, ensuring a quick and easy navigation and instant identification.

A touch interface to boost your creativity

Discover a new dimension to DJing, expressive spaces using touch trigger your instinct DJing without limits. The possibilities are endless: Experience new sensations and enhanced creativity, thanks to the functions designed and optimized for a touch interface, motion and rhythm of the fingers and hands of the users on the tablet screen insufflated tempo and style mixtures.