New Mobile Samsung betting on the corners. We see specifications and developments of the brand new Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy note S6 Edge +, the flagship of Samsung.

As purists will note, because basically grab all the features of Galaxy S6 and apply them to the new range of note. And it is that really the two devices are very similar : they have the same processor, the same RAM, battery and others and only differ by the size, weight and obviously by the characteristic S-Pen from the Note, together with the different curves. Let’s see what’s new:

galaxy note edge s6

Major developments

With a 5.7 ‚Äč‚Äčinch screen Samsung chest out comparing with the iPhone 6 Plus that has only 5.5, but with a much more sizeable . As to the Notice, we see that the design of the S6 is absorbed with premium materials with glass frames and the metal back and leaving clear curved to improve grip. But loses logos as the removable battery, and what is more disturbing: the same capacity, and the ability to expand the memory via micro SD.

On the side of Edge Plus it is basically the same as the Edge but in size XL. As we have said on several videos, it is a mobile that interests us very much, and thanks to its design with curved screen that is lost in the infinite, does that sexy touch … one not called that. Moreover, you can get yourself in a new color called “Titanium Silver”.

The advantages of Edge and the new S-Pen

For those who are unaware of the new Galaxy, I’ll tell you what improvements they import the same and should never be missed are: The best screen market with spectacular colors in 2K, a camera that snatched the limelight to iPhone 6 with a great performance even in night shots, wireless charging and processor today that is unrivaled in the market, leading to reduce its size to 14 nanometers making it faster, more efficient and better autonomy.

And speaking of Note speak your stylus that not only improves the design, also has interesting details like your new way to remove it by pressing inward. Now others also allows taking notes even though the display is off , thanks to the Super AMOLED panel that only turn on the pixels that are used. Also redesigned menu accesses used and finally the ability to take screenshots with Scroll.

Samsung Pay: Safe and universal

Here Koreans take your bet chest saying that payment is the most universal, since it works with “NFC” also works with “MST” , technology acquired through the purchase of Pay and Loop that generates varying magnetic fields for several reading devices. To all this is added the Samsung Knox security platform for our much safer purchase.

Battery: Wireless Quick charge

We already knew fast charging cable in the S6, but now gets into the car wireless charging which does fill the battery in two hours , unlike the other does so in 90 minutes.

Keyboard Cover: The physical keypad returns

Anecdotal note put the “Keyboard Cover” something that a lot of lovers of physical keyboards probably ever thought. Basically it is mixed with a cover to provide us one type blackberry keyboard . Particularly in my dreams expected to be horizontal and allows turning the phone into a mini PC.

Technical specifications

We turn to leave the comparison between the Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4. It is interesting because on par with some improvements also sacrifice some things . What improvement? Mainly the new Exynos 7420 processor that is more powerful than the last, with a camera that has a new technology which helps the optical VDIS stabilized. But then torn sacrifices, with the loss of the Micro SD slot and a battery is no longer removable, low capacity to 3000 mAh.