Although a month late announced in November the 4K has arrived to Google Play. According to his own statements, he would have more than 125 titles that have that option available for now only in English as the service is initially opened for US and Canada. Among these titles is Ghostbusters Captain Phillips Batman vs. Superman. The Fifth Element Lucy Everest the Amazing Spider-Man most recent blockbusters, as was waits.


With this move, Google puts its Play Movies at the same level as other platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, which already offer this resolution, leaving Apple alone with iTunes and its Full HD. We must recognize that the 4K is still a use format minority, since in many cases their use passes replace the equipment with one that supports that resolution, either your computer monitor or television.

In fact, the format 4K Google Play is still limited to very few devices specifically the Google Chrome cast Ultra, the Sony Bravia with Android TV and the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 although it is expected that the software begins to be compatible with other devices soon. Who knows, perhaps this new feature of Google which makes the format finished leapĀ  popularity you need.

Ultra chromecast begins to make sense

When the device was presented in October Chromecrast Ultra , the latest generation device that lets you send content from your device Android, iOS or computer with Google Chrome and then you can enjoy it on TV . This new version had a major added: admitted the 4K resolution. From then until now, users were unable to take advantage to function but from now on things will change.

In fact, Google has wanted to encourage users to buy the Google Chromecast Ultra now that makes sense offering a free movie in 4K for new buyers. The catalog included in the offer is limited but at least allows you to check the effectiveness of the product. Certainly, the 125 titles and the foreseeable extension of the service to other countries will have a knock -on effect for users who want to enjoy that quality.

On the one hand, whenever you can find TVs and monitors 4K cheaper due to the unstoppable advance of technology, and especially the competitive escalation between different companies. On the other hand, still assuming an investment for the consumer having to switch TV or monitor, which is still holding back a portion of the public?

Could this be the reason why Apple has not yet taken the step with iTunes? Maybe they are waiting for that resolution becomes more common then return on the investment of changing formats. Definitely, the war for being the first has lost so maybe now the patience to be his trump card. Tags: Google Carlos Rodriguez is passionate about technology and music, familiar from within the world smartphone and social networks.