A new video shows a car manufacturer levitating skateboard on the ground, yes, the style “Back to the Future” Is it real? Will Lexus playing with our illusions? The truth is that the luxury car manufacturer showing surprised everyone, in one of his videos dedicated to new technologies a skateboard just floating on the floor , which they called ” Slide “. If you want to see the magic here is short and brief video but revealing the design and at least a few seconds of hover floating. Lets talk about Hover lexus: The flying skateboard future is real.

flying skateboard

How does it work?

A pity that the video ends just when the person will go up, which casts doubt some how functional is the prototype they have, which Lexus says it’s real . There is little that is known about him, although the official website there are some details of the operation, based on the concept of ” magnetic levitation “using liquid nitrogen to cool magnets to create a magnetic field that levitates the skateboard . This concept is not new, and already used a long time ago in the Maglev trains.

Some other data

So much for official information, but Gizmodo decided to go a little further and, by contacting the company, found out some juicy details. First, maglev technology this Hover only work on metal surfaces , demonstrating that what you see in the video is not just cement. Lexus also confirmed that they are developing for 18 months in laboratories in Germany and the UK, and the prototype is being tested by a professional skateboarder in Barcelona.

Actually, I was wanting to know more. Who would not want to try something? Although the absence of friction, handle it must be very difficult . Luckily Lexus promised videos and new information on a weekly basis. I look forward to. I hope you do not end up as a Fake as similar skates that were promoted.