As the popularity of “smartphone” (smart phone) increases, so does the popularity of applications for such phones. Anyone with knowledge of programming and coding can make smartphone apps for any platform , from gaming and entertainment applications to those designed for educational purposes productivity. Creating a smartphone application may require registration, depending on the platform you choose, as well as downloading software and a SDK (software development team), that you encode, and try the application you develop.

how do you make an app


1. Choose a platform for your application, such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile . While many of the applications are available to run on more than one platform , if you’ve never done a smartphone application is advisable before starting with a platform and move to the other once you’ve succeeded. The best platform for you will be one in which you feel more comfortable, for example, the type of smartphone you use most often.2. Browse in your app store platform for ideas in applications. If you have an idea for an app, check out the competition. Most app stores are divided into categories such as “Games” or “lifestyle”. Search and download some applications that seem similar to yours and then write about what things yours will differ and what extras will be offered to customers.

3. Sign up to be a developer of applications for Apple and BlackBerry platforms iPhone or BlackBerry, which are free. If you are interested in Android or Windows Mobile , do not require any registration. See the Resources section to find the centers of online development of these platforms.

4. Download guides and tutorials available in the development centers online to read the specific instructions on how to get started on your platform . Your platform -specific instructions also have the tools and software needed. In each case, you have to have the kind of smartphone that you are developing to test your application as well as the latest version of your SDK platform .

5. Test your application frequently during the creation process to check for errors and other problems . After submitting your application to the platform , you can make changes and updates in future releases, but customers can rate and review your app in the app store immediately, so the first version should be as solid as possible.