Do you think someone is using your wireless network? It is important to verify this information because in addition to your neighbor or the guy from the bar below might also be a hacker the person who is accessing your network and who commits illegal acts that may a serious problem with justice. To know if you are stealing Wifi first is to verify your internet connection.

How to know if I steal Wifi

It is true that in days of wind or rain, the connection may be affected and there are times when there may be some glitch that makes your navigation is slower than normal but the truth is that usually the wifi always work correctly. Therefore, if lately you see that your connection is slower than usual maybe the reason is that someone is stealing the signal.

In addition to speed you can also look out on your router and if you see that the light intended for wireless (or WLAN) is flashing after you, turn off all devices smartphones included is a clear indication that someone is using your network. In addition to the naked eye you can also check if someone is stealing the Wifi using online tools that are free to use and are available for both Windows and Mac Here we will differentiate the different applications that you can use as you connect.:

  • Microsoft Windows and Apple
  • Wireless Network Watcher
  • Microsoft Network Monitor
  • mobile devices (Android)
  • Network Discovery
  • Net Scan
  • iOS mobile devices
  • fing
  • IP Network Scanner
  • iNet

The only flaw is in these tools is that they can only detect computers that are connected at that moment, there is no possibility to access a list of other IP’s have been able to connect to your wireless. Another way to know if you are stealing Wifi is consult the router. This device has a record that will allow you to find out if, besides you there is someone else connected to the network at that moment. To do this you have to enter the management interface of the router and, hence, clicker your IP address in the browser bar (on the same router).

You will see a box opens and there we enter the following code: ipconfig / all. After clicka “intro” and you see an address appears in the browser bar, copy it and your router interface opens. Then you just have to find the history of the devices connected to Wifi. This information usually appears in the DHCP section or if you are consulting partners to the network, there will appear a record. By clicking this option, you will see all IP addresses connected to your router there, in case there is more than one is because you are actually stealing the wireless connection.

If a hacker connects to your network and get navigate using your connection can make different computer crimes that can put you at risk to your integrity as a person. You think these people can use networks to attack banks criminal downloaded files weapons, drugs, child abuse, etc.