The rapid increase in technological advances in recent years has caused the availability of mobile communication devices for high-level public. Although many people think that smartphones and excess inclusions with such devices, are a benefit to consumers, these phones also have disadvantages.


Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of a smartphone, when compared to an ordinary cell, is significantly higher price. These devices have higher resolution displays, better cameras, more storage, and many other features and benefits not available to ordinary phones. Luxury, comfort and efficiency offered by smartphones, combined with high quality hardware, meaning users must pay more.


Despite that as technology progresses and electronic devices tend to be smaller, smartphones have always been bigger, wider and heavier than regular cell phones. The components used in manufacturing electronic smartphone are larger simply because the sophisticated operation of such telephones requires a larger hardware. If the larger size is an advantage or disadvantage, is a matter of opinion.



Can send and receive e-mail without having to be in front of the computer is an important advantage to buy a smartphone. These devices offer the ability to synchronize many email accounts, which addresses the need to visit many websites and enter different accounts. The email accounts are synchronized and messages are displayed in a simple and uniform interface to the user.

Browse the Internet from a smartphone should be considered a major advantage to buy a device of this type. Access to search pages, news, weather, sports and lots of other information, all presented in pages specially designed for smartphones, provides users with unlimited access to unlimited information at any time of day anywhere. The only potential drawback is related to children and inappropriate content for websites. Children and adolescents with these devices can see or inadvertent access to adult material or other content not suitable for minors.


Most smart phones already have internal GPS receivers. These devices allow users to pinpoint your exact location on a map and get specific directions to another place. This option is an important advantage because it satisfies the need for a separate GPS for the car. However, smartphones also allow users to share their exact location in social networks, which can lead to incidents of stalking, theft, assault or other crimes. Users who choose to share their location should consider the possible ramifications of sacrifice some of your privacy.


Smart phones have the advantage of installing and running countless applications and programs. This allows users to customize their device with software for their needs and preferences. In addition, there are numerous applications that can be obtained for free.