The mobile phones have become ubiquitous in recent years. Although mobile technology has brought many advantages to users, it also has some disadvantages and weaknesses that should be considered. Understand the weaknesses of mobile phone technology allow a safe and appropriate use of this technology.

Weaknesses of mobile phone technology

Driving Safety Hazards

A weakness associated with mobile phones is distracting while driving. Hundreds of studies have shown that using a mobile phone while driving increases the risk of an accident. This also applies to headsets and other hands-free options. The proliferation of mobile technology has led to increased distractions, making the roads more dangerous. The text conversations while driving is another dangerous habit created by the ubiquity of mobile devices and technology.Negative health effects

Another weakness of mobile technology are the effects on physiological health. Mobile devices emit electromagnetic waves and microwaves, which alter brain activity and damage brain cells, causing fatigue and increase blood pressure, as shown by many studies. The use of mobile phones has also been associated with sickness Alzheimer and cancer in some studies. These devices have also been linked to infertility in men.


Price is another factor to consider with the use of mobile technology. The cell phone contracts can cost more than $ 1,000 a year, which is not enough money for many families. The monthly rates and charges for cell phone text conversations can be just as costly, especially if all the family members have their own phones or mobile devices.

Interruption and distraction

The ubiquity of mobile phones also cause problems in certain environments where use is inappropriate. These environments include theaters and schools. People who talk on the phone at the movies ruin the movie for others, and children and young people that talk or send text messages in the middle of a class cause interruptions in a learning environment. In short, mobile technology cause many social problems.