Whatsapp has become one of our main tools to communicate with family and friends, to greet old friends, keep abreast of one another gossip and even flirting unabashedly. And of course so committed information we have on our smartphone, it is normal that we do not want anyone to easily access certain conversations, so to avoid problems often tend to eliminate the above chat and forget about it.

whatsapp conversations

If you wonder what is the way to do read on because we explain how to hide Whatsapp conversations without deleting. ┬áDid you know that Whatsapp has an option to archive conversations ? For many this feature is unknown, however it is the perfect alternative to hide conversations from prying eyes. This article will explain how to file a conversation on Android and iOS step by step. Let ‘s start with Android, you must open the Whatsapp and dirigisme chats to the area, which is the conversation you want to hide.

Once you find the conversation, you want to hide Whatsapp without opening the chat, press your finger on the conversation. Immediately a screen with several options regarding this particular chat, one of them is open Archive Chat the alternative must choose to keep the conversation momentarily disappears from the head of your app.

But how to get it back to re-read and respond in time when there are no intruders? Because to do so must get down to the end of the chat area and you will find an alternative called “filed Chats”, pressing will find all the conversations that you have saved. And press Enter again without opening the conversation you want to retrieve, then choose the option Retrieve chat.

Hide Whatsapp conversations if you have an iOS is equally simple. To do this you must open your WhatsApp and go to the area chats, select the conversation you want to save, without opening it, slide with your finger to the left. In doing so you will see Archiving alternative, if you push the conversation will be saved automatically.