How many times have you been told that using the mobile while charging is bad? You might even be you who will not stop repeating it every time you see someone manipulating your mobile while plugged in. This is a myth, a legend or rumor that everyone talks about but few people have researched what is true. There have been some cases that have become known that have blown all alarms on whether or not to use the phone while charging. The fact is that, although it does have been accidents and even deaths of people while using mobile charging, there is no problem in using your phone while charging.


If we go to the root of the problem most of all those accidents the charger that was being used was a copy of poor quality. So if we reformulate the answer should say that you can use the phone while charging if you do it with an official charger. Not that any other charger is dangerous, but cannot be sure it has passed relevant standards and necessary security.

Recommendations when using the mobile while charging

Some manufacturers like Apple just put some restrictions on the use of their terminals while charging. The American company recommends letting mobile recharge for 10 minutes before using it again. This recommendation should be followed only when the battery is completely drained and mobile off, but if refills before this are exhausted, is not necessary.

Open applications and use the phone while charging has no effect on the load and speed, in fact, even if you do not use your mobile is working well. He thinks that current smartphones are doing many functions but you do not have it in their hands: they are connected to wi-fi, are updating information, there are applications running in the background, and so on. Not that you cannot use the phone while charging, it is that although you do not want the mobile will be working.

Now that you know, you can navigate your phone with ease, that is good to know some recommendations for this load of good results and your terminal will not be damaged: Load the device provided with the official charger with which you sold him. Nothing happens if you use another charger peak times but this should not be the general trend. If you use a protective, case is normal for the phone can be heated, for you these closing ventilation openings. To prevent this from happening, we recommend removing the cover when you go to load.

Then we will give a number of tips for faster loading mobile and so can recharge the battery faster: As we have said before, even if you are not using mobile this is working in the background, which consumes some battery. Turn off your device while charging prevents this from happening winning a few minutes in load. Another less radical but equally effective way is to activate airplane mode phone. You can use it for any tasks that do not need network usage but will lose the Internet connection and telephone coverage.