Even if you think so, these types of passwords are not more secure

The passwords They are the main security barrier for any account on the Internet. It is essential that it is good, as otherwise it could allow anyone to access your email, Facebook account or any other platform. Now, sometimes we have a false feeling that the access code is good, but, in reality, it is not good at all. We are going to explain to you a common mistake What you should avoid to be protected.

That length must have a good password? That is one of the keys to determining if it is good or not. But of course, it is not the only variable. In fact, many users create long passwords and think that just for that reason they already have their accounts completely protected and it is a false sense of security.

Long, but secure passwords

According to a report by Specops Software, which we echo, more than 30 million stolen passwords were longer than 16 characters. We can consider that these are long passwords. However, this does not mean that they are safe. What happen? In many cases, victims used easy phrases or words to memorize. They could use their name, date of birth, etc.

Hackers use multiple techniques to obtain passwords. One of them is simply get information of the victim. For example, they could enter social media profiles to see the full name, date of birth, hobbies, etc. With all that data, they can use multiple combinations until they find the correct key. This is what is known as a brute force attack.

They can also use simple divination. The fact that many passwords are similar, using first names, last names and date of birth, makes cybercriminals try these combinations. Even without knowing much more about the victim, it's the first thing they can try to see if they're lucky.

Therefore, having a very long password made up of your full name and date of birth is not really effective. It will have a lot of characters, yes, but it is not enough to preserve security and avoid problems.

Password problem on many web pages

Create truly secure keys

So what should a good password be like to prevent it from being stolen? It is essential that you have a good length, but it should have letters (both upper and lower case), numbers, and other special symbols. Don't use words that are easy to memorize, such as your name, place of birth, etc.

Ideally, this password should be totally random. You shouldn't use it in more than one place. If you use it in email and in an Internet forum, for example, in case there is a leak in that forum, they could try to see if it is the same in the email. Therefore, always use keys that are unique. You can use services like Have I Been Pwned to see if any keys have been leaked.

A good idea is to use password managers. You will not only be able to store the keys there, but also create them. You will be able to generate random passwords that are completely secure and very difficult to steal.

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