How much to pay for a VPN? This is the price of the best

Paying more does not guarantee you having a better product. That is why, beyond the price, look at reports and ratings from other users, in addition to the specifications of that program. The objective is to achieve the best possible, to be able to reach a good speed and not have problems when sailing.

Price of a good VPN

Many VPN applications have several modalities, with different prices. It is common to find a trial version, which you can use without paying, with usage limitations. For example, you may only be able to download a number of files or use it for a period of time. Additionally, the speed could also be limited.


If we start with the NordVPN option, which is one of the most popular, currently costs from €3.39 per month. As it appears on their website, this is a specific offer. However, they usually have offers of this type frequently, so it is not unusual to find it regularly for this price.

NordVPN Price

Now, that €3.39 per month is the plan Standard and for two years. You can opt for the plan Plus, which includes a cross-platform password manager and data breach scanner, for €4.39. There is also the version Completewhich in this case includes 1 TB in the cloud and state-of-the-art file encryption, for €5.39 per month.

If you choose to contract only a single month, you will have to pay €12.99 for the Standard plan, €13.99 for the Plus plan and €14.99 for the Complete plan. It is therefore interesting to hire for one or two years.


Another very famous VPN, with good performance and multiple servers available, is ExpressVPN. In this case, the price of a single month is €12.24. If you buy the one-year plan, you would pay €6.30 monthly and if you opt for 6 months, it would cost €9.44 each. As in the previous case, the longer you contract, the cheaper it is.

Cost of hiring ExpressVPN

On this occasion, it does not offer different options. It does not have several plans, but rather a general one that you can see on its website. The only difference is the time you are going to hire this service to surf the net.


One more VPN that we want to show is Surfshark. It is another widely used application, with guarantees and that offers good performance. You have different options, ranging from simply purchasing one month to 24 months. The longer you hire, the cheaper it will be. In addition, for each time option, you have three alternatives: Starter, One and One+with different characteristics.

Surfshark Price

The most economical, if you contract 24 months and the Starter plan, is €1.99. The One version would cost €2.69 and the One+ for €3.99. On the other hand, if you choose to buy only one month, you would have to pay €10.99, €14.99 or €21.99, depending on whether it is the Starter, One or One+ plan. The difference is whether or not you can receive alerts, the way you protect the devices, and whether or not you delete data from the database.

Therefore, this is the price of three of the best VPNs available today. Basically, from around €2 you can have a service of this type if you contract it for two years. If you are going to buy only one month individually, then it is much more expensive. The ideal is that you look at the specifications in each case and hire the one that best suits what you need.

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