Is BBB 24 stealing audiences from Netflix and Prime Video? Understand

Image from: Is BBB 24 stealing audiences from Netflix and Prime Video?  Understand

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The reality show Big Brother Brasil (BBB) ​​became Globoplay's greatest asset in 2024. Data from Kantar Ibope Media shows that Globo's streaming platform managed to steal the public's attention from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, scoring high ratings hearing between January 8th and 24th.

While the BBB 24 grew 45% compared to the previous year's editionr in the period mentioned, the numbers from the streaming giants were not that satisfactory. Netflix, which leads its niche, reduced by 7% and audience drop on Prime Video reached 9%. The measurement considers any device used to consume online, such as cell phones, televisions, computers and tablets.

BBB24 continues to attract attention as the scenario changes from streaming to TV. Until January 24th, more than 12 million viewers followed the reality show live on Multishow.

Image from the first BBB 2024 party.Image from the first BBB 2024 party.Source: Globo/Disclosure

Globo's pay TV channel provides complementary coverage of the program after it airs on open TV, expanding access to what happens inside the most watched house in the country.

Success on social media

The success of the reality show can also be followed on social media. The events that take place inside the BBB24 house are a constancy among the most talked about topics on the internet.

It is worth remembering that, during the audience monitoring period carried out by Kantar Ibope Media, there have been major moments of tension between the brothers since the beginning of the program. A strong example is what happened to participant Vanessa Lopes.

The tiktoker showed signs of an emotional crisis after the departure of ex-BBB Lucas Pizane, saying that the program's production and even home decor items were against her. On January 20th, Vanessa pressed the BBB24 cancel button and left the reality show to receive medical follow-up.

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