True Detective creator is not happy with the 4th season of the series; understand

The screenwriter and producer Nic Pizzolattocreator of True Detective, is not enjoying the fourth season of the series. The author commented on some of the events of True Detective: Nightland (or True Detective: Night Countryin the original English title).

Currently airing on HBO, the series has some connections with the first season and returns to the atmosphere of supernatural mystery. However, Pizzolatto, who has no involvement with this arc of episodes, does not seem to be a fan of the new plot.

In responses published on his Instagram profile, Pizzolatto denied any participation by Matthew McConaughey in the new season. Furthermore, he mentioned that the story involving a scientific research station in Alaska is “stupid”, iffollowed by a brief laugh.

The comments were found by a Reddit user, who posted the screenshot on the series' discussion subforum.

Nic Pizzolatto makes some interesting comments about Night Country on Instagram
byu/Magehunter_Skassi inTrueDetective

“I certainly had no part in this story or anything else. You can't blame me.”, wrote the screenwriter in another comment. Later, after criticism from users, the author deleted both publications.

Showrunner responds to criticism

The current director and screenwriter of True DetectiveIssa López (of the movie Tigers are not afraid), responded to Pizzolatto's comments in an interview with the website Vulture.

I wrote this with deep love for the work he did and love for the people who liked him. And this is a reinvention, and it's different, made with the idea of ​​sitting around the campfire, having some fun, having some feelings and reflecting. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome”, concludes the filmmaker.

Nick Pizzolato, creator of True Detective.Nick Pizzolato, creator of True Detective.Source: GettyImages

Furthermore, she defended the idea that Pizzolatto did not receive the new season well. “I believe that every storyteller has a unique, peculiar and very specific way of relating to the stories created. Whatever his reactions were, he has the right to them. It is his prerogative”, said López.

True Detective: Nightland There is one episode per week shown on the channel on Sundays. The chapter is also added to the HBO Max streaming platform catalog.

So far, the reception to the fourth season has been quite positive in terms of critics and audiences. Terra Noturna stars Jodie Foster and Kali Reis and chronicles the investigation of a mysterious disappearance at a research station in Alaska during a period without sunlight in the region.

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