You can now use this new temporary email to maintain your privacy on the Internet

A temporary email is, basically, an email that you create and it is only available for a time. It is used for you to register on a specific platform, receive an email that may be a fraud and not compromise your personal address, etc. There are different options and AdGuard Temp Mail It is the last one you have available.

AdGuard Temp Mail

From AdGuard they have launched a new service: a disposable email. You will be able to create an email address that will only be available for a time. Mainly, they are used to create an account on the Internet where they require receiving an email, but we do not want to set our main account to avoid being inundated with junk messages later.

We can say that it is a good option to obtain easy access to applications and services on the network, without filtering so much personal information. You would not have to enter your main address, as well as your name and other information, unless that platform required it in some way. It's a free way to have another email address, while improving security.

In the case of AdGuard Temp Mail, the email addresses remain for 7 days. From that moment on, they stop working. This is important to keep in mind, since, from that moment on, when it expires, you will no longer be able to receive any email. If you need something sent to you, you should have reported that change.

Additionally, during that week in which you can use that address, each email you receive will be available for 24 hours. You can always delete it before, manually, but if you don't do anything it will delete itself after a day.

Easy to use

To start using the new AdGuard temporary email, you just have to go to their website. There a box will appear to fill out the captcha, with the aim of avoid bots and spam. When you do that, you will already have an automatically created email address and your inbox ready to receive emails.

AdGuard Temp Mail

You could already copy that address to the clipboard and start using it wherever you need. As you can see, it is a completely random address, where no type of personal data will appear. If you want to obtain another address, you just have to press the Change address button, which appears on the right.

The first email you receive is informative. They explain how AdGuard works. There you will see what we have explained that this address is deleted after 7 days and that each email received is available for 24 hours. Otherwise, it is very intuitive and really doesn't have much more. It is a simple address that you will be able to use whenever you need.

Therefore, if you are looking for a temporary email address to avoid Spam, you have one more option thanks to AdGuard. It is very easy to use and is useful for this purpose.

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