75-inch TCL C805: MiniLED, Full Array, Google TV and much more with a really good price

Yesterday we brought you an offer that we had located for the 85-inch TCL C805 so that you could set up a home theater without having to break into a bank. But we recognize that an 85-inch television is not suitable for all living rooms, so today we bring you an offer for a slightly smaller version. This is the 75-inch TCL C805, a much easier diagonal to handle which will offer you a similar cinema feeling if you sit close enough. Furthermore, there are already many who are choosing this size for their living rooms.

It is true that this year we have seen offers for 77-inch OLED televisions with truly spectacular prices, but we could say that they are not “normal” offers. They are exceptions. As a general rule, a television of this size will have a high price. Luckily, there are some alternatives on the market that can give us a great viewing experience at a very reasonable price.

Like for example the 75-inch TCL C805 that we have located in Mi Electro with a price of 1,325 euros. It is a direct price, so you will not have to make any type of subsequent cashback or use any coupon. You simply click on “See offer”, a little further down, and that's it, it takes you to the Mi Electro website and there you can purchase it at this magnificent price.

TCL C805 75 inches

MiniLED TV with Google TV

€1,899.00 Discount 30.23% €1,325.00 View deal

TCL C805: a MiniLED television that offers you great image quality at a reasonable price

good offer of the 75-inch TCL C805

We have talked a lot about the TCL C805 in AVPasión, but it never hurts to review some of its most interesting features so that you know well what you are going to take home if you opt for this offer. The TCL C805 is a television with VA panel (much higher than an IPS), FALD backlight technology or Full Array Local Dimming as well as diodes MiniLEDmuch smaller and more precise than old traditional LEDs.

Its FALD system gives the television nothing more and nothing less than 640 dimming zones on the 75-inch model which is on sale. Additionally, the new C805 improves image processing by using the new Pentonic chip, with performance and power much higher than other years thanks to the arrival of Artificial Intelligence. And of course we do not forget the use of QLED technology (quantum dots), which greatly improves color coverage and volume.

With all this, the TCL C805 is capable of offering impressive 1300 nits in small areas of the image, improved viewing angle and anti-reflection filters; as well as improvements to factory colorimetry and image calibration. It also offers support for the 4 current HDR formats: HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG.

good offer TCL C805 75 inch stand

And two more very important things. The first, the C805 is an ideal television for users who love gaming. Why do we say this? Because it has two full HDMI 2.1 ports compatible with 4K signals up to a maximum of 144 Hz, support for standard VRR and also the two great owners such as Freesync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync. Of course all this with the formats HDR10 and HDR10+ Gaminga completely renovated gamebar and other details such as ALLM technology.

The second is that it is equipped with the Google TV operating system, which gives us access to all video streaming platforms and some applications that we cannot find on other systems, such as Kodi or VLC. It also works phenomenally on this television, fast and extremely stable, with full compatibility with Google Assistant from the controller.

TCL C805 75 inch

MiniLED TV with Google TV

€1,899.00 Discount 30.23% €1,325.00 View deal

In short, a magnificent television that you can now get in one of its largest diagonals with a really good price. Remember, you can get the TCL C805 75 inches in My Electro with a price of 1,325 euros. It's a direct price, although we don't know how long the offer will last, so don't hesitate too much.

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