Apple Vision Pro breaks in resistance test carried out by YouTuber; check out

The Apple Vision Pro is very resistant in everyday life, but it can still break in extreme situations. YouTuber Sam Kohl, from the channel AppleTrackput the mixed reality headset through different impact scenarios until he managed to break it in a fall.

Kohl exposed the glasses to a series of collisionsincluding common falls, wall hits, carpet and floor drop tests, and more. The experiments were carried out multiple times, and the Vision Pro's front glass held up well.

After each blow, Kohl checked to see if it caused any damage. For a long time, the glass did not crack, showing only a few scratches after a few collisions with the wall.

However, in one of the drop tests, Kohl finally managed to break the Apple Vision Pro. To do this, he had to climb onto a chair and raise his arms, an atypical height for the device, which hit the floor face-on.

The fall left the front of the device completely cracked, similar to what happens with cell phones. The fall caused the glass to peel off the device, revealing a second layer on the bottom — this one, completely intact.

Even with the glass removed and after so many drops, the Apple Vision Pro continued to function normally. The internal lenses were intact and the sensors were apparently undamaged.

Apple Vision Pro is hard to fall

In short, the Apple Vision Pro is a very resistant headset, and should withstand most of the possible knocks in everyday life. However, knowing that the device starts at US$3,499 (R$17,100, in direct conversion), it is interesting to keep it in a safe place and use it responsibly.

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