AVM launches the new FRITZ!OS 7.80 firmware for its fiber routers and more models

The German manufacturer AVM has released today a new firmware update for some of its main routers, the new version is FRITZ!OS 7.80 and comes loaded with a large number of changes and improvements compared to previous versions. This new version is available now, but only for the FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber and FRITZ!Box 5530 Fiber fiber routers, as well as for the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX and also the FRITZ!Box 7530 AX models. Do you want to know what improvements have been incorporated in this new firmware version?

The FRITZ!OS operating system of AVM routers is one of our favorites, since it has a large number of configuration options, but at the same time, it is very easy to manage and administer, without the need to have extensive network knowledge. nor computing.

News and changes in the new version

Starting today on all AVM routers we will notice that we have a new firmware version, we recommend you access the «System / Update» and click on the « buttonSearch for a new FRITZ!OS» to force the verification, if you have one of the routers selected, you will be able to have the latest version, as you can see here:

Updating to FRITZ!OS 7.80 on a FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber router

The manufacturer will show us a summary of the new features of this version, basically we have two important new features:

  • We have a view of state of the completely new fiber optic, showing us more detailed information and in a much more visual way. Now we can see the synchronization speed with the OLT, the type of connection, connection quality and much more information.
  • Now we can have the detailed information of the fiber optics we have emailed to us.

When we perform the firmware update, the first time we enter the graphical user interface, we will see this new feature of the fiber optic overview for the FRITZ!Box router.

Login to the FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber

In the following screenshot you can see the new “overview” of the fiber optics, as you can see, the menu is completely new, with much more detailed information. We can see the fiber synchronization speed, the modem software version details, what module we have inserted in the router, as well as the wavelength, duration of the connection and much more information.

Overview of FRITZ!OS 7.80 in detail

At the bottom we can see a graph with the real-time download and upload of the Internet connection, perfect for monitoring the Internet connection in case we are consuming a lot of bandwidth.

In the case of the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX and 7530 AX routers we also receive new functions for fiber connections, and now we can change from xDSL to fiber optics more easily, and it has more help for a trouble-free initial installation . The speed between WAN/LAN1 will be displayed on the overview page. Another interesting feature is that we will now have the possibility of configuring the router from scratch through the MyFRITZ!App application for Android and iOS. This wizard will allow us to easily configure a new FRITZ!Box with a fiber optic or xDSL connection. and fast with our mobile.

Other changes that have been introduced in this version of the firmware are the following:

  • Simplified configuration to activate the FRITZ!Box with various Internet providers.
  • Improved interoperability with various fiber optic OLTs.
  • Wi-Fi wireless performance has been improved, and a bug affecting the Nuki Smart Lock has been fixed.
  • The speed of the graphical user interface has been increased, and several parts of the firmware have now been optimized. Additionally, overall stability has been improved.

As you can see, this new version of FRITZ!OS 7.80 incorporates quite interesting new features, especially for fiber optic users where we will be able to see in detail a new configuration menu. AVM will soon launch this version for the rest of the brand's models, and we will also see updates on the rest of the devices such as Wi-Fi repeaters. The manufacturer AVM is one of those that updates its equipment the most, and we can find routers from more than 4 years ago that still have updates to enjoy the latest news.

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