Silent Hill free on PS5 and more: summary of this Thursday's State of Play (31)

This Wednesday (31st), Sony will host the first State of Play live broadcast of the year. The event, which should last around 40 minutes, features news for the PS5 and PSVR, mainly.

Silent Hill, Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin are some of the highlighted games from the live broadcast, which promises news on dozens of titles for Sony platforms.

In the link above you can check out the live broadcast in real time, with a description in Brazilian Portuguese from the Voxel team. Below, you can find details of the main announcements made by Sony during the event, in a summary that will be updated in real time!

Helldivers 2

Sony opened State of Play with a new trailer for Helldivers, an online third-person shooter that arrives on February 8th. The title will have versions for PC and PS5.

Stellar Blade

The Stellar Blade game, which will be exclusive to PlayStation on consoles, gained news during State of Play. Sony showed an expanded gameplay of the game, which takes place in a futuristic universe with cyberpunk touches and will star a protagonist called Eve.

Stellar Blade will be released on April 26th on PS5.

Sonic x Shadow Generations

A new Sonic game was presented at State of Play! During the live broadcast, Sonic Shadow Generations was officially confirmed by Sony. The title arrives in 2024 and is confirmed for PS4 and PS5.

Zenless Zone Zero

Hoyoverse, creators of Genshin Impact, announced that Zenless Zone Zero is in development for PS5. The game will also be released for PC and cell phones.

Dave the Diver on PS5 and with Godzilla

The indie Dave The Diver will be released for PS5 in April and will also have something new: a crossover with Godzilla arriving in May.

V Rising

V Rising is a new vampire game coming this year. The game received a trailer and will be released for PS5.

Silent Hill: Short Message

A new Silent Hill is back. Called The Short Message, the game promises to deliver many scares with first-person gameplay. The title is available for free to play on PlayStation.

Silent Hill 2

The long-awaited SIlent Hill 2 Remake has a new trailer full of gameplay, showing some of its gameplay that is reminiscent of the most recent titles in the Resident Evil franchise.

Konami's new game is scheduled to arrive on PS5 and PC in 2024.

Silent Hill free!

Konami also took advantage of the event to reveal Silent Hill: The Short Message. The title is a completely free game that is now available for download on PS5.


From the creators of BioShock, Judas is a new game filled with mystery and suspense from a first-person perspective. The title will be released in the future and is confirmed for PS5.

Metro Awakening

A new game in the Metro franchise is coming. Let's check it out for PSVR2, the title is called Awakening and is scheduled to arrive in 2024.

Dragon's Dogma 2

Capcom's new RPG received another trailer full of gameplay during State of Play. Full of magic and combat, the video showcases different classes and threats from the world of Dragon's Dogma 2, which arrives on March 22, 2024.

Rise of the Ronin

Koei Tecmo's new game has an extended, action-packed gameplay trailer. In addition to fighting as samurai, the video shows some of the exploration and interactions with the game world.

Exclusive to PS5 on consoles, Rise of the Ronin is scheduled to arrive on March 22, 2024.

Until Dawn for PC and PS5

The famous PS4 exclusive Until Dawn is back. The Supermassive Games game is being remastered for the PS5 and PC, with a release scheduled for 2024.

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach

Hideo Kojima was present at State of Play with a new trailer for Death Stranding 2. The video shows more details about the game's vast world, combat and exploration, as well as providing a preview of the graphics on the PS5.

Hideo Kojima's new spy game

Hideo Kojima also announced that he is working on a new spy game, returning to his roots. Codenamed PHYSINT, the title is being developed in partnership with Sony and promises to be an advanced experience that mixes video games and films. In other words, a new Metal Gear competitor is coming!

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