10 most important news of the week (29/01 to 02/02)

Good morning! To stay up to date at the beginning of Saturday (03), the TecMundo separated everything that was most important this week (January 29th to February 2nd). In addition to various news about technology and science, the world of entertainment and games were also very busy during the period.

On Monday (29), Spotify users began to notice that several songs by MPB artists had been removed from the streaming catalog. On Wednesday (31), the first edition of the State of Play of 2024 was held. This Friday (26), the Apple Vision Pro was launched in stores in the United States.

This was just a taste of everything that happened! Check out the most important things that happened this week below. To access each news item in full, simply click on the links below.

1. Spotify removes songs by Djavan, Gal Costa, Roberto Carlos and other singers; look. Spotify even removed almost entire albums from several Brazilian MPB artists; understand the situation!

2. iOS 18 could be one of the biggest updates in iPhone history; see details. According to a journalist, the company is preparing a series of new features for iOS 18, a version of the operating system that will be launched in 2024.

3. Elon Musk announces that Neuralink has performed the first brain chip implant in a human. The company's owner, billionaire Elon Musk, told details about implanting the chip in a human; check out.

4. Apple Vision Pro is officially launched this Friday (02) in the United States. Apple Vision Pro is considered niche and has received some criticism, but it is the brand's bet for the future.

5. New season of Supernatural coming? Please do not! Rumors about a possible sequel to Supernatural are going around the internet… but is it a good idea?

6. Silent Hill free on PS5 and more: summary of the latest State of Play. On Wednesday (31), Sony held a live broadcast bringing lots of news to the PlayStation, including details about exclusive games! Check it all out.

7. Google Bard now creates images and is smarter in Brazil. Google announced three new features for Bard, its chatbot based on generative artificial intelligence; check out the details.

8. Netflix releases complete list of films and series coming to streaming in 2024. There are a lot of things coming to Netflix in 2024; Check out the complete list of streaming premieres!

9. HMD begins to replace the Nokia brand, which could 'disappear' from the market again. Company that has Nokia's rights changes plans to fight in the market.

10. Organic matter found on an asteroid could explain the origin of life on Earth. Researchers believe samples from the asteroid Ryugu suggest that ancient comets are responsible for bringing the 'seeds of life' to our planet.

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