Research reveals that strategy games are Brazilian gamers’ favorites

A survey revealed that strategy games are Brazilian gamers' favorites. In the survey, 39% of those who responded chose the genre as their favorite.

The data is contained in the study “Gameverso: Where Everything Is Connected”, carried out by the consumer insights platform MindMiners and released last Friday (26).

In the answer about favorite genre, the answers were multiple choice, so other styles appear behind with high preferences. These are the cases of Running (32%), Casual (31%), Sports (30%) and Fighting (28%).

Games“Gameverso: Where Everything Is Connected” heard from people from generation Z (18 to 26 years old) to boomers (over 59 years old)

As other surveys have already shown, the most popular platform among players is cell phones. 74% of respondents said they play on their smartphone or tablet, while PC/notebook comes in second place (44%) and consoles in third place (43%).

Another interesting revelation is that Brazilians prefer single player titles. In this sense, 45% of people said they played alone, while 35% said they played with real friends.

Player audience

The research “Gameverse: Where Everything Is Connected” showed that practically everyone interacts in some way with electronic games. The survey – which included the participation of 2,000 people over 18 years of age – showed that 83% of respondents play something.

In the universe of players, the profiles are as follows: 60% are casual players; 14% social gamers; 11% explorers; 5% hardcore and 10% competitive.

GamesThe research “Gameverso: Where Everything Is Connected” showed different habits and behaviors of Brazilian gamers (Kerkez/Getty Images)

Most listeners play a few times a week (33%) and around 1 to 2 hours each gameplay session (42%).

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