Apple Vision Pro: YouTube goes back and launches app for the headset

The video platform YouTube went back and confirmed that will launch an app for the Apple Vision Pro. Apple's mixed reality headset was initially launched without the Google service.

According to a statement received by the website The Vergethe app is even in the plans, but There is no release date. For now, it is only possible to access content from the website opened in the Safari browser.

“We're excited to see Vision Pro launch and are supporting it by ensuring YouTube users have a great experience on Safari. We don't have specific plans to share at this time, but we can confirm that an app for Vision Pro is in our pipeline “, says the text.

Netflix is ​​another absence from Apple Vision Pro

Apart from YouTube, Netflix is ​​another streaming platform that is not present in the visionOS operating system app store. In the case of audio services, Spotify was also left out of the launch.

Netflix does not have an app for Apple's Vision Pro (Image: Getty Images)Netflix does not have an app for Apple's Vision Pro (Image: Getty Images)Source: GettyImages

The two services, however, may take even longer to make their own app available for visionOS.

In the case of YouTube, there is an additional compatibility problem. For now, it is not possible to play 3D or Virtual Reality content on Vision Pro.

Still according to the The Vergewho consulted Apple on the matter, the reason is a difference in the type and quality of the video site's three-dimensional contentwhich is older than the new Spatial Videos supported by the headset.

Modern streaming platforms with films and series adapted for 3D, such as Apple TV+ and Disney+, have been available to Vision Pro consumers since launch.

visionOS, the headset operating systemvisionOS, the headset operating systemSource: Apple

Vision Pro is on sale starting at US$3,500

Maçã's immersive headset has been on sale since last Friday (2) in the United States. The device starts at US$3,500 (approximately R$17,300 in direct currency conversion) and is not yet expected to be released in other markets.

The Vision Pro is described by the brand as a “spatial computing” device, allowing unprecedented levels of immersion in productivity, communication and entertainment. The headset demonstration alone in official Apple stores lasts around 25 minutes.

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