I have lowered the contracted Internet speed and these were my reasons

Recently, my Internet operator has launched a New rate, more economical, with a decrease in speed. I have decided to hire a lower rate than the one I had and I am going to tell you the reasons. Maybe you are in a similar situation and it will be useful to you, allowing you to save a few euros a month. Nowadays there is a very wide range of options for hiring Internet, so you will always find something that adapts to what you really need.

Do we need to have that much speed? Do we really want the maximum rate offered by the operator? Are the devices we use capable? These are some questions to ask yourself before choosing one rate or another, since you could have something contracted that you don't actually need.

Lower the Internet rate

There have been several reasons that have pushed me to contract an Internet rate with lower speed. As I am going to explain to you, they are simple issues that can be similar in many cases. Logically, one of the reasons is the price, since I was interested in paying less. However, I am going to focus on the aspects most related to the characteristics of the rate.

I don't need that much speed

The first reason is simply that I don't need that much speed. Having 300 or 600 Mbps, for example, is something that does not have a great impact for a everyday use, from day to day. You will be able to watch streaming content just the same, since the minimum recommended is to have 25 Mbps to watch 4K Netflix and similar.

Unless you are going to connect too many devices at the same time, and make heavy use of the Internet, you don't really need the best rate offered by the operator. Contain 300Mbps, which is usually the basic thing they offer today, is more than enough for most cases. More than that speed is not usually used.

In my case, I really didn't care about having 300 or 600 Mbps, since I don't have to upload or download large files from the cloud, for example. For everyday use, such as browsing the Internet, using an application that requires a connection or watching platforms like YouTube, you did not need to have contracted a higher rate.

Hire lower speed Internet

Wi-Fi devices do not take advantage of the rate

A second reason is that, nowadays, we connect almost all devices via Wifi. For example, the mobile phone, the tablet, some television… As soon as we move away from the router, the speed will begin to decrease. It doesn't matter if you have contracted a higher rate, since you are not really going to take advantage of it.

For this reason, I also decided to contract a lower rate. It is a reason that is somewhat linked to the previous one, to the speed, and I didn't need that much speed, nor did I really take advantage of it. Furthermore, if we take into account that not all devices are Wi-Fi 6, it is very likely that you will not take advantage of the maximum speed, even if you were next to the router.

In short, you may not be interested in having the maximum contracted Internet rate. For everyday use, as is the case for most users, it is not really worth paying more simply to have a higher maximum speed, which you may never reach. There are different reasons why the contracted Internet speed does not arrive.

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