Controversial and underrated war game is removed from Steam; understand

Many war games marked the seventh generation of consoles, but Spec Ops: The Line He was one of the most acclaimed names in the genre due to his way of conducting the plot. Unfortunately, at least for Steam players, the title was removed without prior notice from the platform this Tuesday (30).

The person who reported what happened on X (formerly Twitter) was the profile “Wario64”, which is well known in the social network's gaming community. If you go to the game's official Steam page, you'll see the following warning: “Spec Ops: The Line is no longer available on the Steam store.” The reason has not yet been communicated by Steam or 2K.

It is common for games to be removed from some platforms due to expired licenses, although this should not be the case here. spec Ops: The Line is still available for PC on the Xbox store and GOG — where it even has an 80% offer and costs just R$9.00.

Spec Ops: The Line is a twisted and dark journey through the facets of war

Released in 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, Spec Ops: The Line is considered by some players to be an underrated gem and, despite the linearity, it fulfills its role with an engaging and emotional plot.

The narrative is set in the grandiose Dubai, which in the game's events is buried in a sandstorm. Here, you take control of Captain Martin Walker, leader of a military team sent to rescue Colonel Konrad, who went missing during a reconnaissance mission.

Spec Ops: The Line challenges notions of "good" It is "bad" of the players.Spec Ops: The Line challenges players' notions of “good” and “evil.”Source: Steam

At first, the plot, which doesn't seem to have many surprises, unfolds into a spiral of moral choices. The experience challenges the traditional notion of “good” and “evil”, leading players to agonizing decisions that shape the story's outcome.

The gameplay, although based on third-person shooter elements, is not merely about weapon dexterity, but about the consequences of each player action. The claustrophobic atmosphere and the immersive soundtrack intensify the tension even further, becoming Spec Ops: The Line An essential experience for lovers of a good shooting game.

Currently, Walt Williams, one of the main screenwriters responsible for the story of Spec Ops: The Lineis acting as narrative director in Marvel's Wolverine — so it's safe to keep expectations high for the mutant game, at least in terms of story.

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