Physint: everything about Hideo Kojima's new Metal Gear-style game

Hideo Kojima's fans went through a whirlwind of emotions at State of Play last Wednesday (31). In addition to the beautiful story trailer for Death Stranding 2the iconic game designer also revealed, at the end of the presentation, who is working on a new spy action game called Physint. The name, however, is still provisional.

Alongside Hermen Hulst, current head of PlayStation Studios, Kojima explained that Kojima Productions' new IP will go into production as soon as Death Stranding 2 is launched in 2025.

The intention, apparently, is to make the experience something close to cinematic scale. As Sony has extensive experience in the film and music market, the partnership will fit like a glove for the game designer.

Kojima's new game will have a real dream team in production

Shortly after the State of Play presentation, Kojima made a post on X (formerly Twitter) to give more details about his new action and espionage game, which should only arrive in the next console generations — potentially on PlayStation 6.

According to the post on the social network, Kojima Productions' new IP “will be created with cutting-edge technology and the best talent from around the world, both in cinema and video games.”

He also explains that this will be an “interactive game” but that the “looks, story, theme, cast, acting, fashion, sound, etc… are all on the next level of 'Digital Entertainment' that could be called a 'film'”.

It is worth remembering that the Sony event was filmed at the studios of Columbia Pictures, the film division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, in Hollywood — which gives even more weight to the Japanese game designer's new venture.

Columbia Pictures studios in the United States, where State of Play was filmed.Columbia Pictures studios in the United States, where State of Play was filmed.Source: Kojima Productions

More news about Physint It will take a while for them to be announced — and how they will. For now, it's best to leave the spotlight on Death Stranding 2Is not it?

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