V position: this is Movistar's advice to make your Wi-Fi work better

For improve Wi-Fi connection, you can take into account many varied tips. You could locate the router better, buy a repeater or avoid interference. However, in this case we are going to show you a recommendation that they give from Movistar. They are calling her V position and we are going to explain to you what it consists of. Just by making a small adjustment to your router, you could improve your wireless connection significantly.

The goal is to make the Wi-Fi network work better and be able to connect devices without problems. This will allow you to connect from a greater distance from the router, in addition to preventing the speed from decreasing or having annoying cuts that can affect when watching streaming videos, using the cloud or playing games on the Internet.

Antennas in V position

If you go to the Movistar community website, you will see that they give a series of tips to try to have a better Wi-Fi connection. One of those recommendations is to put the router antennas in V position. Basically, it's as simple as tilting each one a little.

Of course, this is intended for routers that have at least a pair of external antennas. Not all models have visible antennas, so it would not always be possible to do so. If in your case you have a device that does have external antennas, you should, according to Movistar's recommendation, put them in position V to optimize resources.

The antenna location It can be key for the signal to travel further. Without a doubt, it can help you optimize the connection. Generally we usually place them vertically, but it may be better to modify the position a little. If you have only one antenna on the router, then it is best to put it vertically, except in specific situations. On the other hand, when you have several you can choose to put them in the V position or, failing that, one vertically and one horizontally.

How to enter the configuration via web of a router

Locate the router, key

Regardless of how you place the antennas, it is very important to correctly position the router. This is what will allow you to connect devices from different places in the home, without encountering loss of quality when you are too far away. It will be essential when you need to achieve good stability.

It is a mistake to place the router near walls or thick walls. You should also not put it near places where there may be a lot of interference, since that will have a negative effect. The best thing is that it can emit a signal without interruptions, without objects or devices that could affect it.

It is best that you put it in a central area of ​​the house. From there, you can distribute the signal better. Failing that, you can always put it near areas where you are going to connect devices, such as a room where you have the computer or nearby places. You can try until you find the best place, depending on what you need.

In short, placing the antennas in the V position can be a good option to improve the wireless connection. However, you should also check where you put the router and avoid having it in an area where the signal will not be distributed correctly.

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