Embracer cancels iconic franchise game and lays off almost 100 employees

The Embracer Group conglomerate canceled a game from the Deus Ex franchise which was approximately two years in the making. The information comes from journalist Jason Schreirer, who was informed by sources linked to the company.

According to the report, the company discontinued the project and will lay off “a certain number of employees” from the Eidos Montreal, which was the responsible developer. So far, Embracer Group has not officially commented on the case.

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Still according to Schreirer, the game would enter a more practical phase of production later this year. Now, the remaining team will focus on a new initiative, which will be part of an unprecedented franchise. The title was not publicly announced and there is no information about the project.

The next game in the Deus Ex franchise has been cancelled.The next game in the Deus Ex franchise has been cancelled.Source: Eidos Montreal

Layoffs continue to mark the sector in 2024

The layoff at Eidos Montreal is far from the first mass layoff in the gaming sector this year. Following the already high trend of cuts from the previous year, 5 thousand employees were laid off in January 2024 alone.

In the case of Embracer Group, the situation is not new either. Even presenting good results in fiscal reports, the conglomerate laid off 900 employees in November 2023, in addition to looking for possible buyers for several of its studios.

Much of the problem began when the group began acquiring several studios at once and saw a financing agreement with the Saudi Arabian government go wrong in the middle of the process.

The conglomerate owns several studios and franchises.The conglomerate owns several studios and franchises.Source: Embracer Group

The restructuring at Embracer already includes the closure of Saints Row developer Volition and Deadelic Entertainment, from the critical and sales fiasco The Lord of the Rings: Gollum.

Deus Ex franchise remains dormant

Formerly owned by Square Enix, Eidos Montreal was acquired by Embracer Group from Crystal Dynamics — the studio behind the latest Tomb Raider — in 2022.

The last game in the Deus Ex franchise was the praised Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, released eight years ago. With RPG elements mixed with action, the series is set in a not-too-distant and alternative future.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedDeus Ex: Mankind DividedSource: Steam

Cyber ​​implants are popular and you are in control of Adam Jensen, an agent specialized in both the use of weapons and hacking.

Apart from the game, a feature film based on the series' universe has also been canceled and had excerpts of the script leaked.

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