Xbox announces new feature long awaited by mobile players! check out

A Microsoft revealed a significant update to the Xbox apps on devices iOS It is Androidintroducing the ability to play remotely using touch controls. This functionality allows users to access and control their consoles from anywhere, using only their mobile devices, without the need for a physical controller.

Unlike the xCloud, which offers games via streaming, the new feature focuses on providing direct access to the user's device without the need for a Bluetooth control. This way, you can enjoy your Xbox console library outside your home.

Remote Play will soon not only work on the controllerRemote Play will soon not only work on the controllerSource: Xbox

Access and play your Xbox without a controller

With the introduction of touch controls, players now have a practical alternative, transforming their cell phone or tablet screen into a virtual controller. This change aims to offer more freedom and convenience, allowing you to play without the need for additional accessories.

According to journalist Tom Warren, from the website The Verge, initial testing of the functionality in Xbox apps showed a positive user experience, with responsive controls and an intuitive interface. Despite this, it's important to note that some people may still prefer the experience provided by a physical controller, especially for games that require greater precision.

Source: Tom Warren – The Verge

However, Microsoft disclosed that approximately 20% of players on Xbox Cloud Gaming use only touch controls, demonstrating a notable receptivity to this type of interaction in the gaming community. This data suggests that the new functionality has the potential to be widely adopted by users.

Game compatibility with touch controls is an important consideration, and the company plans to expand the number of titles that support this feature. This will allow a wider range of titles to be played remotely, increasing the options available to mobile users.

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