New PS5 update bans famous cheating in shooting games

The long-awaited system software update 24.01-08.60.00 PlayStation 5, launched this Wednesday (24), brought not only improvements, but also an unpleasant surprise for some users. While Sony highlighted features added to the new PULSE Explore and Elite accessories, an undisclosed detail was revealed: the update blocks Cronus Zen.

Cronus Zen is known for allowing modifications to controls and the use of macros and cheats to gain advantages in competitive games. The solution, which is quite popular in games like Call of Duty, is now inoperative on PlayStation 5 consoles.

PS5A new firmware update is now available on PS5.

The company responsible for the device issued a statement recommending that players avoid the update, offering an alternative solution, but without predicting when the functionality will be restored.

What is Cronus Zen?

The Cronus Zen is a versatile adapter for multiple consoles, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The object offers customization, keyboard and mouse support, and control mods.

Users of macro/cheat devices such as the Cronus Zen, XIM and ReaSnow S1 will be affected by the new update.Users of macro/cheat devices such as the Cronus Zen, XIM and ReaSnow S1 will be affected by the new update.Source: MaxGaming

Easy to configure and with support in Portuguese, the piece brings features such as joystick conversion, full support for shooting games and regular updates. However, the use of the product goes beyond customization for cheats in online games.

Unfortunately, in addition to cheaters, legitimate users, including those with accessibility needs, are also impacted by the device ban.

Xbox: Microsoft also blocked 'pirated' accessories

Like Microsoft, PlayStation starts blocking uncertified controls and accessories.Like Microsoft, PlayStation starts blocking uncertified controls and accessories.Source: Xbox

Before Sony, Microsoft also took a similar stance regarding unauthorized accessories on the Xbox. The company began blocking uncertified controllers and accessories, as well as devices such as Cronus Zen, XIM and ReaSnow S1, with the latest console update.

The measure seeks to promote controls and accessories from Microsoft partners, certified with the “Design for Xbox” seal. Unauthorized controls will be blocked after two weeks of use, forcing users to opt for official, more expensive products.

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The actions of video game giants can create fairer environments and control the quality of accessories used in their consoles. However, the impacts extend to a variety of players.

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