Do you spend too much on heating? This trick will help you

The goal is that you can save on the bill every month, without neglecting to keep the home at a good temperature. In the months in which the temperature drops drastically, it is necessary to use devices of this type and achieve a better temperature that allows for an adequate level of comfort.

Change the heating at night

The trick is not to use the heating the same during the day as at night. You can also apply this to other times of the day. What does this mean? You don't need to have the same temperature during 24 hours. Precisely that, the temperature, is what will allow you to save money when you use the heating.

During the day, we can more or less say that the ideal is to have the heating at about 20 degrees. You don't need to have more, since you would be spending more than necessary. At night, however, you can lower that temperature or even turn off the heating completely. It is estimated that the ideal is for it to be around 16-17 degrees. With that, it would be enough to be able to sleep.

Just with that change, by lowering the temperature by 3 degrees, you could already save a significant amount a month. It is estimated that for each degree you can save 7%. Therefore, you could adjust the temperature during the night and pay less. If you do not live in a very cold area, you could even turn it off completely, since the temperature would not drop excessively.

Heating at night to save

Play with time

There is a factor to take into account and that is very important: the residual heat. When you turn off the heat, it doesn't mean your house is immediately cold. In fact, if you have good thermal insulation it could last for hours until the temperature drops enough to decide to put it back on.

What can you do with this? For example, if you turn off the heat at night, or lower the temperature, you may be able to gain time until you turn it on again. If you are going to spend the morning outside, the ideal is to wait until you return in the afternoon. At that time, you could turn it on to acclimatize the house. If you use a smart thermostat, as is the case with the Tado V3+, you could turn it on remotely.

Furthermore, playing with time is also ventilate the house at the correct time. Don't open the windows when it's colder outside, or when you've just turned off the heat. For example, you could take advantage just before leaving the house and ventilate. When you come back, then you will turn on the heating.

As you can see, you can take into account what we have explained to achieve lower consumption when using heating at home. The idea is that you can maintain a good temperature, without causing excessive consumption.

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