February on Netflix: check out the main streaming premieres of the month

Netflix announced this Wednesday (24) the complete list of productions arriving in February on streaming. In addition to premieres and new seasons of series, the service will receive new films, documentaries and anime.

Among the main releases of the month in the series category are the third season of Good morning, Veronicanational production starring Tainá Muller, and the long-awaited live-action of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The miniseries One daybased on the book of the same name, also promises to thrill vermelinha subscribers.

In the world of films, some of the highlights are Through My Window 3: Eye to Eye It is Code 8: Renegades – Part II. Check out the full list below:

February premieres on Netflix


  • Good Morning, Veronica: Season 3 (February 14)

In search of justice, Veronica forms unlikely alliances and discovers the truth about her past in this breathtaking final season.

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (February 22)

Water, Earth, Fire and Air. A long time ago, these four nations lived in complete harmony, but everything has changed. A live-action series based on the famous animation.

  • House of Ninjas (February 15)

Years after retiring from the incredible ninja life, a troubled family must return to action to combat a series of threats.

  • Blind Wedding: Season 6 (February 14)

In Charlotte, this group of singles shakes up the search for great love by embarking on a four-week journey of romance and self-discovery.

  • Alpha Males: Season 2 (February 9)

Nothing changes overnight. No matter how hard they try, these four friends end up causing confusion in their professional, family and sexual lives.

  • One Day: Miniseries (February 8)

After spending prom night together, Emma and Dexter go their separate ways, but their lives remain intertwined. Based on the book by David Nicholls.

  • Battle of Singles (February 15)

In a universe where the male population is increasingly scarce, an ordinary young woman participates in a government-sponsored dating competition.

  • A Killer Paradox (February 9)

When one accidental death leads to another, a college student becomes embroiled in a game of cat and mouse with a hard-boiled detective.

  • AlRawabi School for Girls: Season 2 (February 15)

At the exclusive AlRawabi School for Girls, a new year means a new class, new rules and, of course, new popularity queens.

  • My Turn to Love (February 2)

Vlogger Chu Ai uses her channel to talk openly about sex. But in real life, the issue is much more difficult to deal with.

  • Rojst: Millennium (February 28)

Near the year 2000, authorities investigate a murder, a skeleton found in the Gronty Forest, and a series of horrific kidnappings.


  • SAG Awards 2024 (February 24)

Movie and TV stars light up the red carpet and stage at the 2024 SAG Awards. (Live event in English.)

  • Through My Window 3: Eye to Eye (February 23)

Even though they date other people, Raquel and Ares can't turn the page. Will they face family pressures and stay together in the final chapter of the trilogy?

  • Code 8: Renegades – Part II (February 28)

In a world where people with superpowers live under surveillance and oppressed, an ex-criminal and a drug dealer come together to save a teenager from the clutches of a corrupt police officer. Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell work together again in this film directed by Jeff Chan.

  • Love Games (February 14)

A sports journalist full of seduction strategies ends up falling in love with one of her targets. Will she now take the game of love seriously? Gina Rodriguez, Damon Wayans Jr. and Tom Ellis (“Lucifer”) star in this dynamic romantic comedy.

  • Love Agency (February 14)

A skeptical journalist agrees to participate in therapy for broken hearts for the sake of a report, but ends up opening his heart to the therapist.

  • Mea Culpa (February 23)

After taking on the case of an artist accused of murder, a criminal lawyer must choose between family, obligations and desire. Starring Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes, this seductive romantic thriller is written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry.

  • Kill Me, Baby (February 13)

A couple with a complicated relationship ends up hitting the jackpot when they win the lottery. And they decide to stay together, but only until death do them part.

  • Love, Simon (February 15)

Teenager Simon must deal with the challenge of hiding his sexuality, but also wants to find out who his mysterious online suitor is.

  • Brazilian Holocaust (February 25)

Award-winning journalist Daniela Arbex reveals the atrocities at the Colônia psychiatric hospital, where more than 60,000 people were killed over decades.

Documentaries and specials

  • F1: Drive to Live – Season 6 (February 23)

In a relentless Formula 1 season, drivers, managers and team owners experience great emotions on and off the tracks.

  • Einstein and the Bomb (February 16)

What happened after Einstein fled Nazi Germany? With archival footage and his own words, this documentary drama delves into the mind of the genius.

  • American Conspiracy: The Crimes of the Octopus (February 28)

In search of the political conspiracy of the century, journalist Danny Casolaro ends up dead in the bathtub of a hotel in West Virginia. His friends and family were tasked with finishing the investigation he started: a case connecting stolen government spying software, the birth of the digital surveillance era, the testing of unregulated weapons, a string of unsolved murders, and the iconic victory from a small California tribe that established indigenous casinos in the USA. Casolaro believed that this case would rewrite the last 30 years of the country's history.

  • Sunderland Until I Die: Season 3 (February 13)

Sunderland just wants a bit of stability, but a new manager is called in to take the club out of League One and move up a division.


  • ONE PIECE: Isle of Women (February 1)

After flying through the air with Kuma's powers, Luffy arrives at Amazon Lily, an island inhabited by fighters from the Kuja tribe.

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